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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Ibrahim make a deal with for safe passage to Beirut for the Tabah villagers?
(a) A Greek captain.
(b) Kabir.
(c) A Jewish leader.
(d) A British soldier.

2. Why does the British foreign secretary order a blockade of Palestine?
(a) To stop Jewish immigration.
(b) To protect their investments in the area.
(c) To stop Arabs from fleeing.
(d) To let more Jews into the area.

3. Why do Gideon and Foote meet at a restaurant in Jerusalem?
(a) To discuss a new Jewish settlement.
(b) To discuss what is happening in Tabah.
(c) To discuss moving the Jews back to Europe.
(d) To discuss how to build better bombs.

4. Before he agrees to send him to school, what does Ibrahim tell Ishmael his future will be?
(a) A scientist.
(b) A religious leader.
(c) A shop owner.
(d) A goatherd.

5. What did Ishmael's mother encourage him to do when he was staying with her?
(a) Write his father often.
(b) Get a good education.
(c) Steal from the market.
(d) Learn a trade.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Mujahedeen raise money for Mufti?

2. Why is Ramiza treated poorly by the people of Tabah?

3. What subject does Mr. Salmi especially encourage Ishmael in?

4. Why is Ibrahim nervous about attacking the Jews when they first arrive?

5. What number wife is Hagar for Ibrahim?

Short Essay Questions

1. What disagreement does Jamil have with his father in Part 4, Chapters 6-10?

2. What have groups of Arab leaders begun doing since the mention of a partition of Palestine?

3. What do the Jewish people do when they first arrive?

4. What is Operation Nachshon?

5. What is Ishmael's childhood like?

6. What makes Ishmael jealous of Sabri in Part 3, Chapter 5?

7. What is the Wadi Bakkah School like?

8. Why does Ibrahim have a feast for Kabir when he arrived in Tabah?

9. Why does Ibrahim call Gideon in Part 2, Chapter 11?

10. How does Hamdi convince Nada to stay with him as his lover?

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