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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ursula tell Ibrahim when he meets with her before the Zurich conference?
(a) That she can't keep his secrets any longer.
(b) That Gideon has been misleading him.
(c) That Kabir planned to kill him.
(d) That someone is going to steal his money.

2. What will the Leopards who confessed to Zyyad do?
(a) Be exiled.
(b) Go to prison.
(c) Make guerrilla raids against Israel.
(d) Help build new tanks and bombs.

3. Where does Ishmael want to sell the items he found in the cave?
(a) In the town center.
(b) Back in Tabah.
(c) To a museum.
(d) To Egyptian dealers.

4. How does Ishmael feel about King Abdullah in Part 5, Chapter 6?
(a) He thinks King Abdullah is going to save the Arab world.
(b) The thinks King Abdullah will lose the war.
(c) He feels like a prisoner of King Abdullah.
(d) He feels like the long lost son of King Abdullah.

5. After the war, what does Gideon learn when he goes to Tel Aviv to meet with Ben-Gurion?
(a) The Americans are coming to re-build the area.
(b) The Arabs want to have three territories.
(c) The United Nations are imposing a peace treaty.
(d) The British want them to leave the Egyptians alone.

6. In Part 4, Chapter 11, what is Abdullah's dream for the middle east?
(a) Retiring to Egypt.
(b) Forming Greater Syria.
(c) Taking over Iran.
(d) Destroying Israel.

7. How is Sabri able to support his family in Gaza?
(a) Working for the Egyptians.
(b) Rebuilding cars.
(c) Stealing and selling arms.
(d) Printing a newspaper.

8. In Part 5, Chapter 1, what makes Ishmael begin to accept reality?
(a) Living in the desert.
(b) Working as a shepherd.
(c) Being away from a refugee camp.
(d) Being away from his father.

9. How many refugees does Jordan take in?
(a) None.
(b) Half a million.
(c) More than one million.
(d) Two-hundred and fifty thousand.

10. Why does Zyyad want control of the West Bank?
(a) So Jordan will have a port.
(b) So Jews can't take his home.
(c) Because he knows Gideon wants it most.
(d) Because it is the biggest territory available.

11. What does Ibrahim discuss with Sheik Taji and Charles Maan?
(a) Moving to England.
(b) Starting a war with Jordan.
(c) Control over Palestine.
(d) Egypt's tyranny.

12. While staying in the refugee camp in Jericho, why does Ibrahim go into town every day?
(a) To try to make money.
(b) To find a Jew to talk to Gideon.
(c) To steal supplies.
(d) To look for work for Ishmael.

13. Where do Ibrahim and his family find refuge in Tulkarm?
(a) An apple orchard.
(b) A manger.
(c) A refugee shelter.
(d) An olive grove.

14. In Part 4, Chapter 5, how many Arabs does Ben-Gurion agree to let return home?
(a) Fifty thousand.
(b) Ten thousand.
(c) One hundred thousand.
(d) One thousand.

15. How does Ishmael feel knowing that Jamil is considered to be a martyr?
(a) Upset.
(b) Threatened.
(c) Confused.
(d) Proud.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ursula kill a Persian guest before Ibrahim kills Kabir?

2. Who becomes a leader of the Avenging Leopards?

3. How do Ibrahim and his family keep the Bedouin away while they are in Jericho?

4. What is Nuri Mudhil a professor of?

5. What does Nada do when Ishmael catches her with Sabri?

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