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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Ibrahim and his family keep the Bedouin away while they are in Jericho?
(a) They dress like the British.
(b) They hide in caves.
(c) They set up explosives.
(d) They stay with a priest.

2. After the war, what does Gideon learn when he goes to Tel Aviv to meet with Ben-Gurion?
(a) The Arabs want to have three territories.
(b) The British want them to leave the Egyptians alone.
(c) The United Nations are imposing a peace treaty.
(d) The Americans are coming to re-build the area.

3. How old is Ishmael when he begins to teach at Wadi Bakkah School?
(a) 17.
(b) 19.
(c) 20.
(d) 18.

4. Where is the Great Democratic Unity Conference?
(a) Amman.
(b) London.
(c) Cairo.
(d) Jerusalem.

5. How does Ibrahim manage to arrange a meeting with the mayor of Nablus?
(a) Ishmael forges a letter from an army captain.
(b) The mayor wants to meet the leader of Tabah.
(c) Ibrahim saves the life of the mayor's son.
(d) Gideon arranges it.

6. In Part 5, Chapter 1, what makes Ishmael begin to accept reality?
(a) Living in the desert.
(b) Being away from his father.
(c) Being away from a refugee camp.
(d) Working as a shepherd.

7. Why is Ishmael able to get a job with the Iraqi army?
(a) He has his own gun.
(b) He is powerful.
(c) His father bribes the general.
(d) He can read.

8. Who becomes a leader of the Avenging Leopards?
(a) Omar.
(b) Jamil.
(c) Kabir.
(d) Ishmael.

9. What will the Leopards who confessed to Zyyad do?
(a) Help build new tanks and bombs.
(b) Make guerrilla raids against Israel.
(c) Be exiled.
(d) Go to prison.

10. Where does Ibrahim plan to stay while avoiding going to Jordan?
(a) Rooftops.
(b) Caves.
(c) Friend's houses.
(d) In their truck.

11. How many refugees does Jordan take in?
(a) Two-hundred and fifty thousand.
(b) More than one million.
(c) Half a million.
(d) None.

12. What does Ibrahim begin to call his section of the refugee camp in Jericho?
(a) Haven.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) Tabah.
(d) Safety.

13. Why does Husain have a regency when he becomes king of Jordan?
(a) He was considered to be dumb.
(b) He wasn't old enough.
(c) He wasn't trusted by the court.
(d) He asked for one.

14. Where is the refugee camp Ibrahim's former villager's want Ibrahim to go to?
(a) Turkey.
(b) Syria.
(c) Lebanon.
(d) Egypt.

15. What convention does Maan tell Ibrahim he wants to hold?
(a) A convention for refugees.
(b) A convention for people who need jobs.
(c) A convention for rebuilding cities.
(d) A convention for Jews.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who will rule the West Bank after Abdullah?

2. When Mudhil gives Ibrahim the supplies and money he needs to travel to Zurich, who does he say will help if they run out of money in Zurich?

3. When trying to return to Tabah, why can't Ibrahim use the roads to Jericho?

4. Who is murdered in July 1951?

5. What is Nuri Mudhil a professor of?

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