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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the British foreign secretary order a blockade of Palestine?
(a) To stop Jewish immigration.
(b) To let more Jews into the area.
(c) To stop Arabs from fleeing.
(d) To protect their investments in the area.

2. Where does Heusseini have a villa?
(a) Tabah.
(b) Turkey.
(c) Ramallah.
(d) Jerusalem.

3. Before he agrees to send him to school, what does Ibrahim tell Ishmael his future will be?
(a) A shop owner.
(b) A goatherd.
(c) A religious leader.
(d) A scientist.

4. Who does Ibrahim make a deal with for safe passage to Beirut for the Tabah villagers?
(a) A Jewish leader.
(b) A Greek captain.
(c) Kabir.
(d) A British soldier.

5. Where does Farouk go to make marriage arrangements between Ibrahim and Ramiza?
(a) Walid Azziz.
(b) Tel Iviv.
(c) Tabah.
(d) Gaza.

6. Who sides with the Germans as World War II was starting?
(a) The Syrians.
(b) The Arabs.
(c) The Iraqis.
(d) The Jews.

7. What does Ibrahim do to the perimeter of his town when the riots and attacks begin to reach the valley of Avalon?
(a) He lines it with guards.
(b) He lights it on fire.
(c) He moves his whole town.
(d) He puts up a brick wall.

8. In Part 2, Chapter 1 -5, how does Ibrahim feel about Gideon?
(a) He doesn't think about Gideon.
(b) He is glad he has Gideon as a friend.
(c) He is angry at Gideon.
(d) He misses Gideon.

9. What is Plan D?
(a) A plan to offer defense to Jewish settlements.
(b) A plan to allow Jews to use stolen tanks.
(c) A plan to use car bombs on Jewish settlements.
(d) A plan to set fire to Jewish settlements.

10. What number wife is Hagar for Ibrahim?
(a) One.
(b) Two.
(c) They aren't married.
(d) Three.

11. How does Ishmael witness the rape of his family members by Kaukji's men?
(a) He is trying to save them.
(b) He is part of Kaukji's group.
(c) They capture him with the women.
(d) He is hiding in the same room.

12. Where does an Arab attack a woman in 1925 that causes everyone to worry about a revenge attack?
(a) A kibbutz.
(b) The town center.
(c) A synagogue.
(d) Mecca.

13. When Ibrahim watches the Jewish settlers build terraces for farming, what does he wonder?
(a) How they will get anything to grow.
(b) If they will make more money than the Arabs.
(c) How they have so many supplies.
(d) Where they keep coming from.

14. What part of Palestine did Fawzi Kabir sell most of to the Jews?
(a) Red Sea beaches.
(b) Avalon valley.
(c) Tabah.
(d) Kabira.

15. What was the retaliation for Deir Yassin following the Irgun attack?
(a) Arabs attacked a medical convey.
(b) Arabs attacked a school.
(c) Arabs attacked Gideon's house.
(d) Arabs attacked a kibbutz.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kabir promise Farouk after the war if he stays in Tabah?

2. In Chapter 5, why do sirens go off near the Jewish settlement?

3. Where do Ibrahim and his friends and family listen to the news on the radio as Germany begins taking over countries?

4. What makes Ibrahim nervous about the hotel the driver of the Mercedes takes him on Christmas?

5. What happened when Gideon is held captive and tortured for giving information to the British?

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