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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Palestine did Fawzi Kabir sell most of to the Jews?
(a) Red Sea beaches.
(b) Tabah.
(c) Kabira.
(d) Avalon valley.

2. Who does Ibrahim have purchase the Palestine Post?
(a) Omar.
(b) Gideon.
(c) Ishmael.
(d) Kamal.

3. Where does Farouk go to make marriage arrangements between Ibrahim and Ramiza?
(a) Tel Iviv.
(b) Tabah.
(c) Gaza.
(d) Walid Azziz.

4. What does kibbutz of Shemesh propose to Ibn Yussuf?
(a) They will give him half their crops.
(b) They will market his oil.
(c) They will refer all their customers to him.
(d) They will can his oil.

5. What do most Arabs think about the United Nations' plan for a partition of Palestine?
(a) They thought it would not pass.
(b) They thought the British were behind it.
(c) They thought it was a great idea.
(d) They wanted to help create it.

6. Why are the Tabah villagers surrounded by Jihad soldiers when they spend the night in a field in Ramle?
(a) It was a Jihad soldier base.
(b) They were protecting the people of Tabah.
(c) They didn't trust the people of Tabah.
(d) It was a good hiding spot.

7. Why is one of Ibrahim's villagers captured by Mufti and Mujahedeen?
(a) They confuse the villager with someone else.
(b) Mufti is trying to take over Tabah.
(c) Ibrahim won't give them money.
(d) The villager is a criminal.

8. After the first failed attack, where does Ibrahim go to watch the Jewish settlers every day?
(a) The center of town.
(b) The cave.
(c) The mountain.
(d) The knoll.

9. In Tabah, what does every house have even if the residents can not read?
(a) A Bible.
(b) A Koran.
(c) A cookbook.
(d) Newspapers.

10. As a child, how does Ishmael feel about the Jews?
(a) He isn't aware they exist.
(b) He is not afraid of them.
(c) All his friends are Jewish.
(d) He hates them.

11. What was the retaliation for Deir Yassin following the Irgun attack?
(a) Arabs attacked Gideon's house.
(b) Arabs attacked a medical convey.
(c) Arabs attacked a kibbutz.
(d) Arabs attacked a school.

12. In Chapter 5, why do sirens go off near the Jewish settlement?
(a) Because someone has stolen something.
(b) Because there is a storm.
(c) Because the Arabs attack.
(d) Because someone has broken in.

13. Where does Kaukji tell Ibrahim he must take his people and their tribes?
(a) Jaffa.
(b) Iraq.
(c) Jerusalem.
(d) Iran.

14. What is the name of Kaukji's rebel group?
(a) The Arab Embarkment.
(b) The Irregulars.
(c) The Jihad Soliders.
(d) The Propers.

15. In Part 2, Chapter 1 -5, how does Ibrahim feel about Gideon?
(a) He is glad he has Gideon as a friend.
(b) He is angry at Gideon.
(c) He misses Gideon.
(d) He doesn't think about Gideon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Arab well not have any water in it?

2. How do Ishmael's brothers feel about him attending school?

3. Why does Ibrahim get the title "Haj"?

4. What business do Ibrahim and his brother Farouk own?

5. What year is it when Farouk tells Ibrahim that the Jews are coming?

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