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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What business do Ibrahim and his brother Farouk own?
(a) A theater.
(b) A hotel.
(c) A coffeehouse.
(d) An after-hours restaurant.

2. What does kibbutz of Shemesh propose to Ibn Yussuf?
(a) They will refer all their customers to him.
(b) They will give him half their crops.
(c) They will market his oil.
(d) They will can his oil.

3. In Part 2, Chapter 6 what does Kaukji plan to do before the other Arab countries invade?
(a) Buy Jewish tanks.
(b) Have a large meeting.
(c) Sell his compound.
(d) Take as much of Palestine as he can.

4. Who rescues Ibrahim and his family in Part 2, Chapter 16?
(a) Gideon.
(b) Ramiza.
(c) Farouk.
(d) Kabir.

5. How old is Ishmael when he makes a deal with his brother concerning parcels of land?
(a) Eleven.
(b) Ten.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Nine.

6. What do the Jews say it would take for Jaffa to remain a safe city?
(a) The end of Arab attacks on Tel Aviv.
(b) Five-hundred thousand dollars.
(c) Ten-thousand dollars.
(d) The end of Arab attacks on Jerusalem.

7. What happens a few days before the Arab Higher Committee forms?
(a) Mufti build a fortress.
(b) Jews smash the windows of a Mosque.
(c) A sand storm.
(d) An Arab riot.

8. When Ibrahim watches the Jewish settlers build terraces for farming, what does he wonder?
(a) Where they keep coming from.
(b) If they will make more money than the Arabs.
(c) How they have so many supplies.
(d) How they will get anything to grow.

9. How do the Mujahedeen raise money for Mufti?
(a) Extortion and looting.
(b) They start a storefront to launder cash.
(c) Fundraising and investing.
(d) Gambling and bribing.

10. On January 10, 1948, what do Kaukji's forces attack in Syria?
(a) A mosque.
(b) A kibbutz.
(c) Jewish homes.
(d) Places of business.

11. In Part 2, Chapter 1 -5, how does Ibrahim feel about Gideon?
(a) He is glad he has Gideon as a friend.
(b) He misses Gideon.
(c) He doesn't think about Gideon.
(d) He is angry at Gideon.

12. Who does Ibrahim have find out why the Jews flooded the canals?
(a) Fawzi.
(b) Ishmael.
(c) Roge.
(d) Farouk.

13. When Fawzi Kabir dines with Ibrahim in his tents, what does Ibrahim ask for help with?
(a) Building a road.
(b) Starting a farm.
(c) Paying his rent.
(d) Establishing guards.

14. How does Ibrahim plan to pay for the boat to take his villagers to Gaza?
(a) By stealing the boat.
(b) By offering bribes.
(c) By selling supplies.
(d) By borrowing money from Kabir.

15. Why do the Irgun and Haganah retaliate in Jerusalem?
(a) Their women were taken.
(b) Their buildings were set on fire.
(c) Their tanks were stolen.
(d) They were bombed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do most Arabs think about the United Nations' plan for a partition of Palestine?

2. Before he agrees to send him to school, what does Ibrahim tell Ishmael his future will be?

3. What makes Ibrahim nervous about the hotel the driver of the Mercedes takes him on Christmas?

4. Why is one of Ibrahim's villagers captured by Mufti and Mujahedeen?

5. Where does Ishmael attend school when he is nine?

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