The Haj Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Ibrahim's father pass on power before he dies?

Ibrahim's father passes on his power by giving Ibrahim a jeweled dagger. Ibrahim's father skips his eldest son because he feels Ibrahim is better prepared to lead.

2. What is Ishmael's childhood like?

Ishmael spent the first five years of his childhood in seclusion with the women. His mother was sent away and he went with her, dressed as a girl. Ishmael's mother made sure he learned how to read, write and do math.

3. What do the Jewish people do when they first arrive?

The Jewish people arrive with flatbed trucks full of building supplies. They send a representative to meet with the Arabs and explain what they are going to build. Then, they put up a barb wire fence and warning system to protect themselves.

4. What surprises the Arabs when they attack the Jews for the first time?

The Arabs are surprised that the Jews don't return their fire. An alarm sounds and shots are fired into the air, but that is it. The Arabs retreat.

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