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Palestine - This is the region of the Middle East where the state of Israel was created.

Tabah - This is a village where Ibrahim and Ishmael lived.

Mecca - This is the holy city in Saudi Arabia to which many Muslims complete a Haj.

Ramle - This is where the Soukori family has a stall in the marketplace and where the school is located to which Ishmael is sent.

Lydda - This is a village that people evacuate around the time Ibrahim evacuates his village.

Galilee - This is where the Asch family settled.

Shemesh - This is a kibbutz. It is where Gideon Asch settled.

Damascus - This is a city in Syria where the Kabir family lived.

Tel Aviv - This was an all Jewish city prone to attacks.

Jerusalem - This is one of the major cities in the Middle East region. The...

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