The Haj Character Descriptions

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Ibrahim al Soukori

This character leads the people of Tabah and has a difficult time letting go of the fantasy of returning to Tabah peacefully.

Ishmael al Soukori

This character is the most loyal to his father over his siblings, but ends up killing his father.

Gideon Asch

This character leads the Shemesh kibbutz.


This character is sent away so her husband can marry a second wife.

Fawzi Kabir

This character owned much of the land in the Avalon valley, which he sold to the Jewish Land Trust.

Haj Amin al Heusseini

This character is a Moslem fanatic who leads riots in the 1920s to protest the Jewish immigration. He is named Mufti of Jerusalem.

Sheik Ahmed Taji

This character is a conference delegate to the Great Democratic Unity Conference in Amman. His tribe is semi-nomadic.

Sabri Salama

This character is a skilled mechanic.

Charles Maan


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