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Essay Topic 1

Describe the overall setting and time period for the letters. What was America like during this time period? What was O'Connor's South like during this time period? How important are the time period and setting to the attitudes and issues of Flannery and her friends and business colleagues?

Essay Topic 2

Create a brief character study of Flannery O'Connor. What does she look like? What are her positive personality traits? What are some of her negative characteristics? What are her hopes and fears? What is her primary motivation at this point in her life?

Essay Topic 3

Select three people to whom Flannery wrote letters and write a brief character sketch for each. Be sure to include emotional states, physical characteristics, and their connections to Flannery.

Essay Topic 4

O'Connor uses some instances of flashbacks in the letters in the form of memories and past experiences. Explain what a...

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