The Habit of Being: Letters Character Descriptions

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Flannery O'Connor

This is the main character of this book of letters; she is the subject matter of the work, but not in the usual manner.

Sally Fitzgerald

This is the editor and writer of the introduction and notes within the text.

Gerald Becham

As part of his job at Georgia Women's College he was curator, or other official guardian of a collection of Flannery's letters and writings.

Maryat Lee

She is another person with whom Flannery maintained contact for decades and is the woman to whom Flannery sent the very last letter she ever wrote.

Elizabeth McKee

This woman is Flannery O'Connor's first literary agent.

Robert Giroux

This is a man to whom there are written many letters and while there are not very many details about his personality or his private life included, he is a major figure in the collection.


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