The Guns of August Character Descriptions

Barbara W. Tuchman
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William II

The Kaiser of Germany during World War I, his young brash desire to be taken seriously helped him lead his country into a war that left his country bloodied and bruised for the next two decades.

Helmuth von Moltke

German general and chief of staff when World War I began, he is chiefly remembered for his hesitancy and unwillingness to fully commit to the flanking maneuver of the German army known as the “Schlieffen Plan.”

Joseph Joffre

This individual was a French General who was made commander in chief shortly before war was declared. He proved to be a leader that was cool and collected – though not always militarily correct – as he shepherded his nation through the opening phases of World War I.

Albert I

The king of Belgium, he proved a much more difficult thorn in the side of the Germans then anticipated, leading a desperate...

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