The Gun Seller Short Essay - Answer Key

Hugh Laurie
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1. Describe the conversation in the first chapter about breaking someone's arm.

The main character in the story asks what is better if you have to break someone's arm, to do it quickly or slowly. He explains that it would be better to do it quickly and be done with it unless you really hate the person. The main character is sure that the guy that has him down really hates him because of how much pain he is being put through.

2. What happens when Lang returns to his apartment in Chapter 2?

He pulls out a recorder and begins going over the facts that he knows. He explains his name, Rayner and the incident that occurred at the Woolf residence. Lang goes over as much as he knows before turning the recorder off.

3. What happens when Solomon arrives at Lang's apartment?

Solomon tells Lang that they are going to be late and that Lang will need a tie. Lang accepts the fact that Solomon isn't going to tell him where they are heading. Solomon says that Lang should have been being behaved but Lang has not and is therefore in trouble.

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