The Gun Seller Fun Activities

Hugh Laurie
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Phillip's Song

Phillip writes a song about his heartbreak. Give the song a title and perform it in class.

Lang's New Business

Lang decides to open his own business. Explain what the business is and why he is qualified to own this business.

Sarah's Diary

Sarah begins to write in her diary again. Produce some of the more interesting entries regarding the events that she was involved in.

Solomon's School of Manners

Provide a brochure for the school that Solomon is working it. Explain what it is you learn there as well as the activities that the students take part in.

Javelin Surface-To-Air Missile Infomercial

There is an infomercial about the Javelin surface-to-air missile that Lang used while on the roof. Create the infomercial to help boost the missile's sales.


Pick one of the characters in the story to give a eulogy for. It can be one...

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