The Gun Seller Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Hugh Laurie
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Part 1: Chapter 1-3

• Lang injures a man named Rayner believing he was at the Woolf house to murder Mr. Woolf.

• Lang explains to Woolf's daughter, Sarah, that he was offered the job of killing Woolf but turned it down.

• Lang returns home and is awakened by Solomon, an old army acquaintance, who tells him that Lang has not been good lately.

• Lang is taken to the Ministry of Defence where a man named O'Neil accuses Lang of conspiracy to commit murder and that Lang has had a large sum of money put into his account and that Rayner was Mr. Woolf's body guard.

• Lang knows he is being set up but doesn't know why or why Sarah Woolf didn't know that Rayner was her father's bodyguard.

• Lang returns home where he finds Sarah Woolf who is pointing a gun at him because she learned that Lang had a...

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