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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following camps was known for being lice ridden?

2. Which of the following men is described as "the only Russian crazy enough to return without authorization"?

3. Why were the peasants in Tsarskoe Selo executed?

4. Where were the prisoners who were sent into exile relocated to?

5. What did Lenin secretly enjoy framing intelligentsia as before shipping them off to Gulag?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was time in Gulag measured?

2. In what ways did the Gulag guards attempt to prevent hunger strikes from running rampant in the prisons?

3. How did prisoners figure out where they were being relocated, particularly when being sent into exile?

4. What happened in the trial of Shakhty?

5. How did the public react to Vlasov's sentencing at his trial?

6. What did Lenin say to Gorky about the intelligentsia of Russia?

7. For what offenses could prisoners be sent to the punishment cells?

8. What major change did Lenin make to the law right before he suffered his first stroke?

9. What was the All-Russian Central Executive Committee?

10. What types of prisoners were separated from the native population at Gulag?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many prisoners were sent to the Gulag labor camps after being considered counter-revolutionary. First, explain how counter-revolutionary behavior is defined in the text and who was at the forefront of creating those definitions. Next, explain how the work camps struggled to re-educate the prisoners to rid them of their counter-revolutionary tendencies?

Essay Topic 2

Joseph Stalin was, perhaps, the strongest force in keeping the Gulag prison system in effect for as long as it was. First, explain why Stalin created Gulag to begin with and how he fought to keep the camp system running alongside his vision. Next, explain the reaction to Stalin's death in the camps and what changes were made in Gulag following Stalin's passing.

Essay Topic 3

When people were sent to a Gulag labor camp, it was particularly difficult for their families. Explain how families tried to cope when one of their members was sent away. Give at least two ways prisoners attempted to stay in contact with their families even during their imprisonment.

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