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Essay Topic 1

Throughout his memoir, Solzhenitsyn describes how the Gulag camps compared/contrasted to other famous labor camps through history, most notably the Nazi death camps. Compare/contrast the Gulag camps with the Nazi concentration camps. What was the same about these camps? What was different? Explain why many Westerners have never heard of the Gulag camps and instead have focused all their research on the Nazi concentration camps.

Essay Topic 2

When Stalin took over government power from Lenin in 1929, the definition of government criminals changed drastically. Explain how Lenin had defined his criminals while in power, and compare/contrast the definition to Stalin's. Explaom what constituted being labeled a "counter-revolutionist" under Stalin's rule, and what his punishment for these crimes was.

Essay Topic 3

The Russian government was extremely concerned with its reputation in the Western world. Explain how the West first viewed Russia and its labor camps...

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