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Short Answer Questions

1. What role did Raju's uncle play in the family?

2. How did Marco view Raju?

3. Who did Raju ask for a loan to pay the creditor?

4. Where was Raju's creditor from?

5. What does Raju do with the gifts that the villagers continue to bring him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Raju force Nalini to spend her days during her dancing career?

2. Why did Raju have a hard time emotionally with not being able to please Rosie constantly?

3. What caused Raju to focus on Rosie and how did that cause the character to unravel?

4. Who called Raju "a humble humanitarian" and why?

5. What paradox is at play in Chapter 6?

6. After Marco and Rosie's fight, how did the relationship between Rosie and Raju change?

7. How did Raju feel about being replaced as Nalini's manager?

8. How is Raju's perception of the world changing?

9. Why did Nalini dance for the men from the local school?

10. How did Raju react when his mother and Nalini both moved on without him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the temple represent freedom for Raju? In what ways does it act as a cage? How do the villagers add to both of these scenarios?

Essay Topic 2

Why is Velan an integral piece in Raju's transformation? Cite three examples from the text and explain how they show Velan's importance.

Essay Topic 3

How did Raju's main character flaw, his preoccupation with reputation, lead the course of his life? Identify and defend the major areas of the novel where Raju had the ability to keep his life on track if he were not so consumed with reputation. In these various instances, why was Raju unable to learn his lesson? What caused Raju to finally see beyond himself?

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