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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened when Raju went to court?
(a) The case was thrown out.
(b) The judge sentenced him to prison.
(c) His lawyer secured an adjournment.
(d) He was found not guilty.

2. What did the creditor threaten against Raju?
(a) To put him in prison.
(b) To take him to court.
(c) To punish him.
(d) To kill him.

3. What did Raju's mother give him to settle his debt?
(a) She sold her possessions and gave him the profit.
(b) She signed over her interest in her home.
(c) She borrowed against her house.
(d) She cashed out her savings account.

4. Raju believed Marco had no sense about him when it came to what topic?
(a) Daily living.
(b) Classical art.
(c) Spirituality.
(d) Women.

5. During the course of Nalini's career, what was Raju doing and justifying that upset Nalini?
(a) He was spending out of control.
(b) He was having an affair.
(c) He was staying out late at the bars.
(d) He was destroying the careers of Nalini's competition.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Raju tell Nalini to visit when she met with him?

2. How did Rosie feel about the way she was behaving behind Marco's back?

3. Where did Nalini live at the end of Chapter 10?

4. What new nickname does Raju earn from the villagers?

5. What happens to the cattle when the village conditions change?

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