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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Raju's main concern while he was involved with Rosie?
(a) He could lose his shop.
(b) Marco could find out.
(c) Gaffur might stop speaking to him.
(d) People were gossiping about him.

2. What was Raju's fate after he became preoccupied with Rosie?
(a) He finally found peace.
(b) He lost his business.
(c) He lost all other relationships.
(d) He was assaulted by Marco.

3. Who is injured in the clash with the shopkeeper?
(a) Velan.
(b) Marco.
(c) Rosie.
(d) Gaffur.

4. How much of a loan did Raju hope to secure?
(a) 200 rupees.
(b) 50 rupees.
(c) 2000 rupees.
(d) 500 rupees.

5. What story does Raju decide to share with Velan?
(a) The truth about his past.
(b) A parable about the rains.
(c) The story of the fox and rabbit.
(d) Gossip about the villagers.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much time passed before Rosie returned to Raju?

2. What decision did Nalini make at home while Raju was away?

3. What did Raju gain by being associated with Nalini's career?

4. How long does Velan suggest Raju fast?

5. What causes the villagers to be angry with the shopkeeper?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Raju propose he and Rosie do about her career?

2. What caused Raju to focus on Rosie and how did that cause the character to unravel?

3. How is Raju's perception of the world changing?

4. What did Raju do to prepare for the men from the local school? What did this reveal about Raju?

5. How did Raju view his role in Nalini's career?

6. How is Raju's message to the village misinterpreted?

7. Why did Raju keep the letter about the jewelry from Nalini?

8. After Marco and Rosie's fight, how did the relationship between Rosie and Raju change?

9. What paradox is at play in Chapter 6?

10. How did Raju react when his mother and Nalini both moved on without him?

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