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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Raju prepared for court, what did Nalini promise him?
(a) She promised to testify on his behalf.
(b) She promised she wouldn't be there when he returned.
(c) She promised to raise funds for a well-known attorney.
(d) She promised to stand by his side in court.

2. Where did Raju stay in relation to Marco and Rosie?
(a) In an adjoining room.
(b) Down the hill.
(c) Across town.
(d) Across the hall.

3. Who did Raju tell Nalini to visit when she met with him?
(a) The banker.
(b) The police officer.
(c) The warden.
(d) The station master.

4. What causes the villagers to be angry with the shopkeeper?
(a) The price of rice.
(b) The new policies.
(c) The price of wheat.
(d) The new store hours.

5. What bothered Raju about Nalini's business?
(a) He feared Nailini would want him to dance with her.
(b) He realized people only recognized him because of Nalini.
(c) He was afraid Nalini's performance would embarrass him.
(d) He thought the business was costing too much money.

6. What task did Raju take on in prison?
(a) He worked in the kitchen.
(b) He washed the laundry.
(c) He filled in for the wardens.
(d) He managed the recreation equipment.

7. Where was Raju's creditor from?
(a) Market Lane.
(b) Market Street.
(c) Market Square.
(d) Market Road.

8. How does Raju keep track of time at the temple?
(a) By markings on the temple wall.
(b) By the seasonal gifts the villagers bring.
(c) By the rising of the river.
(d) By the phases of the moon.

9. What happened when Raju went to court?
(a) His lawyer secured an adjournment.
(b) The judge sentenced him to prison.
(c) The case was thrown out.
(d) He was found not guilty.

10. During the course of Nalini's career, what was Raju doing and justifying that upset Nalini?
(a) He was having an affair.
(b) He was spending out of control.
(c) He was staying out late at the bars.
(d) He was destroying the careers of Nalini's competition.

11. Who was Raju's assistant?
(a) Alexander.
(b) Mani.
(c) Indyana.
(d) Jabar.

12. What role did Raju's uncle play in Raju's home?
(a) He tried to bully Rosie into leaving.
(b) He took Raju's home.
(c) He stole from Rosie's suitcase.
(d) He kicked Raju out of the family.

13. Where were Rosie's books kept?
(a) In the library.
(b) Under her bed.
(c) At her uncle's house.
(d) In the trunk of Marco's car.

14. How did Rosie feel about the way she was behaving behind Marco's back?
(a) She felt she was entitled to her own life.
(b) She felt sneaky.
(c) She felt guilty.
(d) She felt he deserved it.

15. What did Rosie study?
(a) Classical Art.
(b) Writing.
(c) Music.
(d) Dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the new conditions in the village affect Raju's gifts?

2. What new nickname does Raju earn from the villagers?

3. Raju believed Marco had no sense about him when it came to what topic?

4. What role did Raju's uncle play in the family?

5. Who suggested Rosie move into Raju's home?

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