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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Raju gain by being associated with Nalini's career?
(a) 50% of her profits.
(b) Real estate.
(c) Important friends.
(d) A yacht.

2. Where did Raju's mother move in Chapter 8?
(a) In with her sister.
(b) In with Gaffur.
(c) Raju's uncle's house.
(d) To Marco's home.

3. What was Raju's main concern while he was involved with Rosie?
(a) He could lose his shop.
(b) Gaffur might stop speaking to him.
(c) Marco could find out.
(d) People were gossiping about him.

4. Who does Raju say should attempt a hunger strike to return the rains?
(a) Velan.
(b) A saint.
(c) A virgin.
(d) The entire village.

5. What causes the villagers to be angry with the shopkeeper?
(a) The price of wheat.
(b) The new policies.
(c) The new store hours.
(d) The price of rice.

6. What story does Raju decide to share with Velan?
(a) A parable about the rains.
(b) Gossip about the villagers.
(c) The story of the fox and rabbit.
(d) The truth about his past.

7. What does Raju tell the villagers to do about the new conditions in the village?
(a) There is nothing they can do.
(b) Pray harder.
(c) Bring more offerings.
(d) Chant at the temple.

8. Who did Raju tell Nalini to visit when she met with him?
(a) The warden.
(b) The police officer.
(c) The banker.
(d) The station master.

9. What did the young man at the railway shop call Raju?
(a) Railway Raju.
(b) Raju-sir.
(c) Rajuinski.
(d) Raj.

10. What happens to the cattle when the village conditions change?
(a) They pass out from heat stroke.
(b) They die of dehydration.
(c) They drown crossing the river.
(d) The contract an illness.

11. What business decision did Nalini threaten to make when Raju returned?
(a) She threatened to sell Raju's portion of the business.
(b) She threatened to cancel all pending engagements and return the advance payments.
(c) She threatened to slander his name in the business world.
(d) She threatened to hire another dancer and cut Raju from the business.

12. How does Raju keep track of time at the temple?
(a) By the rising of the river.
(b) By the phases of the moon.
(c) By markings on the temple wall.
(d) By the seasonal gifts the villagers bring.

13. What did Raju lose track of while spending time with Rosie?
(a) The inventory.
(b) The employees' pay days.
(c) The keys to the shop.
(d) The finances.

14. What was Marco's view of Rosie's passion?
(a) He encouraged it.
(b) He thought it was nice but unnecessary.
(c) He was bored by it.
(d) He forbid it.

15. Where was Raju's creditor from?
(a) Market Road.
(b) Market Street.
(c) Market Square.
(d) Market Lane.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Nalini accuse Raju of being greedy?

2. How did Marco view Raju?

3. What did Raju receive in the mail that he tried to keep from Nalini?

4. Who replaced Raju in Nalini's business?

5. Who offers Raju an update on the village violence?

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