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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Raju say should attempt a hunger strike to return the rains?
(a) The entire village.
(b) Velan.
(c) A saint.
(d) A virgin.

2. What did Raju's mother give him to settle his debt?
(a) She cashed out her savings account.
(b) She borrowed against her house.
(c) She sold her possessions and gave him the profit.
(d) She signed over her interest in her home.

3. What did Raju wear to look important for his meeting with the men from the school?
(a) A dhoti.
(b) A wristwatch.
(c) A turban.
(d) A sherwani.

4. Where was Raju in the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) At home.
(b) In jail.
(c) At his mother's house.
(d) At the train station.

5. Why did Nalini accuse Raju of being greedy?
(a) He raised her prices continually without consulting with her.
(b) He pushed Nalini to ask for tips.
(c) He took a large portion of her profits for himself.
(d) He rushed her from one engagement to the next without time to rest.

6. Who offers Raju an update on the village violence?
(a) Velan's brother.
(b) Velan's uncle.
(c) Velan's sister.
(d) Velan's nephew.

7. How did Raju feel about his affair with Rosie?
(a) Insecure.
(b) Blessed.
(c) Lucky.
(d) Entitled.

8. How did Rosie feel about the way she was behaving behind Marco's back?
(a) She felt she was entitled to her own life.
(b) She felt he deserved it.
(c) She felt guilty.
(d) She felt sneaky.

9. During the course of Nalini's career, what was Raju doing and justifying that upset Nalini?
(a) He was having an affair.
(b) He was destroying the careers of Nalini's competition.
(c) He was spending out of control.
(d) He was staying out late at the bars.

10. What happened when Raju went to court?
(a) He was found not guilty.
(b) The case was thrown out.
(c) His lawyer secured an adjournment.
(d) The judge sentenced him to prison.

11. What is Raju's favorite season?
(a) The harvesting season.
(b) The rainy season.
(c) The planting season.
(d) The dry season.

12. After leaving Raju's mother's home, where did Raju and Nalini live?
(a) They returned to the hotel.
(b) They lived above the dance studio.
(c) They moved to a large, upscale home.
(d) They downsized into a home they could afford.

13. How much did Raju owe the creditor?
(a) 250 rupees.
(b) 8000 rupees.
(c) 100 rupees.
(d) 6000 rupees.

14. Where did Nalini live at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) Malasia.
(b) Malgudi.
(c) Madras.
(d) Mysore.

15. How did the relationship between Rosie and Raju change?
(a) They became friends only.
(b) They lived as husband and wife.
(c) They went through a period where they did not speak to each other.
(d) They began to act as siblings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Raju notice around the temple?

2. What story does Raju decide to share with Velan?

3. What did Rosie study?

4. How did Raju's mother respond to giving him the gift to pay off his debt?

5. What does Raju tell the villagers to do about the new conditions in the village?

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