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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Raju play when his tree space became crowded?
(a) In the closet.
(b) In the work trucks.
(c) In the sand.
(d) At the neighbor's house.

2. Who does Raju request be sent to the temple?
(a) The village leaders.
(b) The school master.
(c) The children.
(d) The parents.

3. What did the groom offer to buy for Raju's father?
(a) A lamp light.
(b) Horse grain.
(c) Wheat.
(d) A new rug.

4. What activity does Raju think classifies him as "night guide to the skies"?
(a) Giving direction by the stars.
(b) Studying the moon phases.
(c) Counting the stars.
(d) Identifying constellations.

5. What did Raju and his classmates do with the drain at their teacher's home while he was away?
(a) They poured chemicals in the drain water.
(b) They floated notebook paper boats in the water.
(c) They dipped their teacher's hat in the water.
(d) They wrapped caterpillars in leaves and threw them in the water.

6. How did Raju intervene between Rosie and Marco?
(a) He smoothed things out between them.
(b) He drove them apart.
(c) He took sides and instigated a fight.
(d) He showed them the best in each other.

7. What does Raju's role become at the temple?
(a) Praying in silence for long periods of time.
(b) Teaching the parents about life and spiritual matters.
(c) Teaching the children when the school master is away.
(d) Keeping order in the temple.

8. What job did Raju take on in Chapter 5?
(a) Station master.
(b) School master.
(c) Professional tour guide.
(d) Snake charmer.

9. What does the barber deduce about Raju?
(a) He was in an accident.
(b) He recently left jail.
(c) He robbed a man.
(d) He left his wife.

10. What explanation did Raju give for his father's behavior towards the station master?
(a) The station master seemed to sneak around the station.
(b) The station master didn't speak to any natives.
(c) The station master determined who could have a shop at the station.
(d) The station master offered praise and raises on a whim.

11. What job at the railway did Raju inherit in Chapter 3?
(a) Running the station shop.
(b) Directing passengers.
(c) Driving a train.
(d) Sweeping the station floor.

12. How does Raju propose solving the problem of educating the children?
(a) He is willing to help on their farms.
(b) He suggests the children are educated in the evenings.
(c) He offers to teach the children.
(d) He offers to hire a school teacher.

13. What state did Raju's father's death leave for Raju's mother?
(a) She was left with nothing and must move in with Raju.
(b) She was a financially comfortable widow.
(c) She was left with money she didn't know her husband had.
(d) She had the means to get by, but it is sparse

14. How did Raju assist his father with work?
(a) He entertained customers.
(b) He was the errand boy.
(c) He covered for his father during lunch.
(d) He loaned his own money to the business.

15. What did Raju's father purchase to go with the jutka?
(a) A farm pen.
(b) A horse.
(c) A basket.
(d) A money bag.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Chapter 3 take place?

2. What transpired between Marco and Rosie?

3. What kept Raju's father from returning for dinner nightly when Raju was young?

4. In Chapter 2, where does Raju establish his new throne at the temple?

5. What is the name of Raju's love interest?

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