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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who entered Raju's father's shop at the beginning of Chapter 2?
(a) Railway men.
(b) Police officers.
(c) Neighborhood children.
(d) Religious men.

2. What is a jutka?
(a) A taxi.
(b) A fruit.
(c) An animal.
(d) A piece of money.

3. How did Raju's new job pay?
(a) The money was scarce.
(b) The money varied weekly.
(c) The money was just enough to get by.
(d) The money was good.

4. Why did Raju's father punish him by the railway?
(a) He tried to run away.
(b) He stole from the railway.
(c) He punched another child.
(d) He used foul language.

5. Who is looking for Raju at the end of Chapter 2?
(a) Rosie.
(b) Velan.
(c) The temple gardener.
(d) The sheep herder's uncle.

6. What did Raju begin selling in the railway shop?
(a) Used school books.
(b) Guide books.
(c) Umbrellas.
(d) Train tickets.

7. Where is Raju hiding when the villagers stop by the temple?
(a) Under the table.
(b) In the temple.
(c) Behind the hibiscus plant.
(d) Up the banana tree.

8. What does the barber deduce about Raju?
(a) He was in an accident.
(b) He robbed a man.
(c) He left his wife.
(d) He recently left jail.

9. Who does Raju speak to at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) A large group of villagers.
(b) Rosie and Marco.
(c) Another priest.
(d) Velan's family.

10. Where did Rosie and Marco stay?
(a) In room 67.
(b) In room 32.
(c) In room 28.
(d) In room 74.

11. Who escorted Raju to the Board school?
(a) His school master.
(b) His father.
(c) His best friend.
(d) His mother.

12. How does Raju propose solving the problem of educating the children?
(a) He suggests the children are educated in the evenings.
(b) He offers to teach the children.
(c) He is willing to help on their farms.
(d) He offers to hire a school teacher.

13. Why are the villagers not sending their children to school?
(a) They are opposed to education.
(b) They need them to tend to the cattle.
(c) They do not have a school teacher.
(d) They need them to pick crops.

14. What does Raju do with the gift Velan gives him as an offering?
(a) Turns it over to the gods.
(b) Accepts it with gratitude.
(c) Throws it in the river.
(d) Refuses to accept it.

15. What activity does Raju think classifies him as "night guide to the skies"?
(a) Identifying constellations.
(b) Counting the stars.
(c) Giving direction by the stars.
(d) Studying the moon phases.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Raju's punishment from his father?

2. Where did Marco spend his time?

3. In Chapter 5, what job did Raju's new friend have?

4. When Raju and Velan meet, who does Velan say is causing him problems?

5. What does Velan give Raju in appreciation of helping his sister?

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