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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened when Raju went to court?
(a) His lawyer secured an adjournment.
(b) The case was thrown out.
(c) He was found not guilty.
(d) The judge sentenced him to prison.

2. What did Raju's father purchase to go with the jutka?
(a) A horse.
(b) A farm pen.
(c) A money bag.
(d) A basket.

3. During the course of Nalini's career, what was Raju doing and justifying that upset Nalini?
(a) He was destroying the careers of Nalini's competition.
(b) He was staying out late at the bars.
(c) He was spending out of control.
(d) He was having an affair.

4. What new nickname does Raju earn from the villagers?
(a) Swami.
(b) Sensei.
(c) Holy One.
(d) Buddah.

5. What does Velan give Raju in appreciation of helping his sister?
(a) A statue of a god.
(b) A book of prayers.
(c) A fruit tray.
(d) A bag of gold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Raju wear to look important for his meeting with the men from the school?

2. What was Raju's punishment from his father?

3. What did Rosie study?

4. What was Raju's main concern while he was involved with Rosie?

5. What causes the villagers to be angry with the shopkeeper?

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