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This place is the name of Raju's hometown.

Mempi Peak House

This place is where Marco stays while he is exploring.

Room 28 at the Anand Bhavan Hotel

This place is where Raju and Rosie rendezvous while Marco is involved with his explorations.

The Railway Station

This place is where Raju sells newspapers, books, snacks and other essentials.

The Letter

This object is a source of jealousy and suspicion for Raju and leads to him being imprisoned for two years.

The Cobra

This object is what Rosie requests to see when she first meets Raju.

Gaffur's Taxi

This object is rather old and can be unreliable.

The Prison

This place is where Raju becomes indispensable, attending to every need of his caretakers.

The Barber Shop

This place is the first place Raju visits on his way from the prison.

The Abandoned Temple

This place is where Raju goes...

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