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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

As the book opens, the reader is introduced to Raju, a conflicted individual, just beginning to shed some light on his background. Raju, as the character, is not sure where his life is headed and the novel also leaves the reader with a sense of turmoil about the character from a lack of information. This lesson will explore Raju's inner turmoil.


1. Small group discussion: Raju struggles with an inner turmoil over how to move forward after his release from prison. He knows he cannot return to Malgudi because everyone knows what he has done. In what ways does the writing style signify the character's turmoil over how to proceed with his life? Identify three examples from the novel to support your answer and be prepared to share with the class.

2. Class discussion: What information is given about Raju's past and present in Chapter 1? Where...

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