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Chapter 1

• Raju sits in the temple for lack of anywhere else to go. Velan enters the temple and mistakes Raju for a spiritual guide.
• Raju met a barber who identified him as an ex-con. The barber listed crimes he could tell Raju did not commit, but the reader is give little information about what did take place.
• Raju recounted memories from his home life as a child and the relationship with his parents.

Chapter 2

• Raju reflected on his childhood when the railway was being built. He was punished for his language and sent to school.
• Velan's sister changes her ways because of Raju, and Velan expresses his gratitude.
• Raju hides from the villagers and then realizes he needs them. When he's ready for them, they don't show.

Chapter 3

• The railway was finished and business picked up for Raju's family.
• Raju's father hired a groom to run the jutka...

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