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Short Answer Questions

1. How many kids does Dean have in high school?

2. How many inmates were killed in the Briar Ridge fire?

3. What time do Paul, Brutal, and Dean go to get Delacroix for the execution?

4. What song does Mickey the orderly sing in Part 6, Chapter 1?

5. In Part 5, Chapter 5, what time does Coffey get up and stand at his cell door?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Percy after he shoots Wharton?

2. When Paul oversleeps in Part 5, Chapter 1, how does Elaine help him get past Dolan?

3. What does Percy say when he discovers that Mr. Jingles is still alive?

4. Why does Paul give Wharton R.C. to drink?

5. What is Wharton doing when Paul gets back to the block after Delacroix’s execution?

6. When had Wharton been involved with an underage girl?

7. How does Hal Moores look when he meets Paul and the others at the front door of his home?

8. How did Paul come to live at Georgia Pines?

9. What does Curtis Anderson say to Percy after Delacroix’s botched execution?

10. In Part 5, Chapter 9, why doesn’t Brutal think that Coffey will ever sit in the electric chair?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paul believes that talking is his and his staff’s most important job. What purpose does talking with the prisoners serve? Why does Paul prefer talking to discipline or punishment? What are the benefits of talk for the prisoners? For the guards?

Essay Topic 2

Paul and Elaine are good friends. In what ways are Paul and Elaine friends? Does one of them take a primary role in caring for the other? Are they more than friends? Why or why not? How does their relationship affect their lives at Georgia Pines?

Essay Topic 3

Paul thinks that Coffey’s powers come from God, and Delacroix believes that his actions are due to hoodoo. How was Paul raised? What part did religion play in his upbringing? What is known about Delacroix’s upbringing? How might that have affected how he reacted to miraculous events? How do the two men’s views of life determine what motives they see behind Coffey’s healings?

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