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Og Mandino
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Og go after he left the apartment building where he would visit Simon?
(a) back to his office
(b) the police station
(c) to church
(d) home

2. What does Simon say will have to happen in order for the world to survive?
(a) the population has to shrink
(b) war must stop
(c) everyone must have enough to eat
(d) each person must become a ragpicker

3. What was the delivery date for Og's next book?
(a) 01/31/75
(b) 04/01/75
(c) 08/02/75
(d) 12/25/75

4. Where does God want to raise man?
(a) from the past
(b) into another world
(c) into the world of the living
(d) into heaven

5. What did Og tell Simon about his concerns and the God Memorandum?
(a) it was in good hands
(b) he would not show it to anyone
(c) it would work
(d) he would have his editor read it

6. What did Og do when he reached the door to Simon's apartment?
(a) he couldn't find the apartment
(b) pounded on the door
(c) he ran the door bell
(d) he didn't go to the apartment

7. How did the envelope get delivered to Og?
(a) Og never found out
(b) UPS
(c) FedX
(d) by U.S. mail

8. Where did Og find a brown manila envelope when he came back to his office in Chapter 7?
(a) on his desk
(b) in his car
(c) on his secretary's desk
(d) in his mail slot

9. What did God say humans should do secondly?
(a) go to church
(b) obey their parents
(c) sing God's praises
(d) proclaim his rarity

10. What are the two ingredients necessary for Simon's writing to be a success?
(a) must cost a lot and be rare
(b) must have illustrations and humor
(c) must be a need for it and must have wide distribution
(d) must be read and understood

11. Why did God recite so much about the body of humans?
(a) to show how humans are so beneath Him
(b) to show His power
(c) to show their uniqueness
(d) to show how clever He was

12. When was Simon's birthday?
(a) January 7
(b) May 10
(c) April 1
(d) November 13

13. How did Og feel when he thought about Simon?
(a) excited
(b) happy
(c) lost
(d) confused

14. What does Og want to show in his future books?
(a) how to build houses
(b) how to become rich
(c) how to meet strangers
(d) how people can come alive

15. To whom did God write the memorandum?
(a) to the atheists
(b) to whoever would read it
(c) to the priest
(d) to the politicians

Short Answer Questions

1. What did God say about the past?

2. What is the fourth thing God said humans should do?

3. To what did Og compare himself at the Christmas party?

4. How did God end the memorandum?

5. Why would Og do what Simon asked him to do?

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