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Og Mandino
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did God say He implanted in the minds of humans?
(a) a conscience
(b) a warning
(c) an intellect
(d) seeds of dreams

2. What does Og say millions of people believe about their lives?
(a) that life is too hard
(b) that life is not fair
(c) that life on earth is hell
(d) that life is supposed to be easy

3. How did Og feel when he thought about Simon?
(a) lost
(b) happy
(c) confused
(d) excited

4. Who was Og's publisher?
(a) Jerry Houtoun
(b) Susan Porter
(c) Frederick Fell
(d) Jack Long

5. What did Simon call his birthday present?
(a) a king's present
(b) a beautiful idea
(c) a blue ribbon aristocrat
(d) a princely sum

6. What does Simon say will have to happen in order for the world to survive?
(a) each person must become a ragpicker
(b) everyone must have enough to eat
(c) war must stop
(d) the population has to shrink

7. What kind of assurance did God give at the beginning of the memorandum?
(a) all is well
(b) things would get better
(c) miracles exist
(d) He heard humans' cries

8. Why does Simon think people will laugh at his message?
(a) it's too simple
(b) it's impossible
(c) it's too complicated
(d) it's religious

9. What concerned Simon about the God Memorandum and Og?
(a) what he would say to people about it
(b) whether he would do it
(c) whether it would change Og's life
(d) whether he would publish it

10. Where did Og go after he left the apartment building where he would visit Simon?
(a) back to his office
(b) to church
(c) the police station
(d) home

11. What is the fourth thing God said humans should do?
(a) give all their money away
(b) do good deeds
(c) use tough love
(d) meditate for an hour everyday

12. What did God say was necessary for humans to come to the world of the living?
(a) to believe
(b) to get a good education
(c) to work hard
(d) four rules

13. Who did Og find in the apartment building to ask about Simon?
(a) the building's owner
(b) the janitor
(c) the manager
(d) no one

14. How many days was Og supposed to read the God Memorandum?
(a) one hundred
(b) thirty
(c) fourteen
(d) three-hundred and sixty-five

15. Why would Og do what Simon asked him to do?
(a) he didn't have anything else to do
(b) he felt compelled
(c) he respected him
(d) he hoped it would make him rich

Short Answer Questions

1. What season was it at the end of the book?

2. What did God say humans should do secondly?

3. What did God say together humans could create?

4. What does Og want to show in his future books?

5. What does Og see as his only link with Simon?

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