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Og Mandino
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city showed in the postmark on the brown envelope?
(a) Atlanta
(b) Chicago
(c) there was no postmark
(d) New York

2. What did God say He implanted in the minds of humans?
(a) a warning
(b) seeds of dreams
(c) a conscience
(d) an intellect

3. What did Simon tell Og to wear?
(a) nothing
(b) gloves when working with the homeless
(c) a pin with a cloth attached
(d) a better hat

4. What does Og see as his only link with Simon?
(a) the apartment building
(b) the brown envelope
(c) the gate at his office
(d) books Simon had mentioned

5. What is the first thing a person must do to get help?
(a) know who to ask
(b) need it
(c) know where to go for help
(d) ask for it

6. What season was it at the end of the book?
(a) fall
(b) winter
(c) summer
(d) spring

7. Where did Simon end up putting his birthday present?
(a) in the refridgerator
(b) in his window box
(c) in his bedroom
(d) on the coffee table

8. What did Og do once he asked everyone in his office about the brown envelope?
(a) ran outside
(b) settled down to read the letter
(c) called home
(d) went home

9. What did God say humans should do first?
(a) count their blessings
(b) dance
(c) read religious books
(d) pray

10. What did Og do when he got back in his car after opening the gate to his office building?
(a) cried
(b) cussed out Simon
(c) yelled
(d) punched the steering wheel

11. Why did Og go to the county morgue?
(a) to see if Simon was there
(b) the medical examiner was a friend of his
(c) to fill out a report
(d) to meet his wife

12. What did Og see at the county morgue?
(a) an old, dead man who wasn't Simon
(b) Simon
(c) a lab technician
(d) no one

13. How many days was Og supposed to read the God Memorandum?
(a) one hundred
(b) three-hundred and sixty-five
(c) thirty
(d) fourteen

14. What does Og want to show in his future books?
(a) how to meet strangers
(b) how to build houses
(c) how to become rich
(d) how people can come alive

15. What did Og do when he finished reading Simon's letter?
(a) marked his calendar
(b) started laughing
(c) put the envelope in the safe
(d) called his wife

Short Answer Questions

1. When was Og supposed to read the God Memorandum?

2. What did Simon tell Og to give a person besides the God Memorandum?

3. What did Og tell his publisher after the office party?

4. How did Og feel when he thought about Simon?

5. When Og went back to his office from the Christmas party what was he thinking about?

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