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Og Mandino
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Og keep Simon talking?
(a) nodding his head
(b) recording the conversation
(c) making up stories
(d) asking questions

2. Why did Simon think people could change their lives?
(a) we all have the innate ability
(b) we can ask for help
(c) we are all smart
(d) we are human

3. Of what magazine was Og president ?
(a) Harper's
(b) Success Unlimited
(c) Gentleman's Quarterly
(d) New Yorker

4. What did Eddie Rickenbacker say when asked about floating around in the ocean for three weeks?
(a) if you have fresh water and food you shouldn't complain
(b) don't swim for shore
(c) don't go on a poorly made boat
(d) if you've never been adrift you're lucky

5. What position did Og hold on his high school paper?
(a) news editor
(b) printer
(c) reporter
(d) sports writer

6. How did Og feel about Simon after the first couple of times they met?
(a) confused
(b) happy and excited
(c) sad
(d) frightened and fascinated

7. In Chapter 3, what does Simon tell Og about the mind?
(a) it can cause problems
(b) it is like a computer
(c) it's the greatest creation on earth
(d) it cannot be controlled

8. What did Simon believe one should do after making a decision?
(a) sit and plan it out
(b) burn your bridges
(c) pray
(d) get busy on it

9. In Chapter 2, who did Og meet in the parking lot when he left work?
(a) Simon
(b) his editor
(c) an old college friend
(d) his wife

10. How did Simon relate car accidents to success?
(a) most accidents can be avoided if one doesn't give up
(b) most accidents are due to carelessness
(c) most accidents are destiny
(d) most accidents are premeditated

11. Og said Simon defined abstract words with what?
(a) charades
(b) concrete examples
(c) colorful analogies
(d) metaphors

12. What phenomena does Simon suggest is the reason for Og's strange feelings around him?
(a) reincarnation
(b) senility
(c) dreams
(d) de′jà vu

13. Why does Og want to stay at the magazine?
(a) he needs the money
(b) he likes his secretary
(c) he likes working there
(d) it gives him structure

14. What does Simon believe about the books in his apartment?
(a) they are hard to find
(b) they were written by the hand of God
(c) they need to be rewritten
(d) they are bestsellers

15. Why hadn't Simon seen Og for a month?
(a) Og didn't have time
(b) Og's been out of town
(c) Siimon's been gone
(d) Simon didn't have time

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Simon say caused living death?

2. What does Simon believe all people can do?

3. Who picked Og off the junk pile sixteen years previously?

4. What kind of books does Simon like to read?

5. What did Simon believe a person should do if she/he worked at a hated job?

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