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Og Mandino
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Simon said happiness is not a cure-all, but it is this.
(a) the beginnings of a cure-all
(b) an antidote
(c) nice to have
(d) icing on the cake

2. When Og left Simon after his second encounter with him, what did he wonder?
(a) why Simon would be interested in him
(b) if Simon was real
(c) why Simon wasn't rich
(d) if Simon was a minister

3. Simon said God often plays man. What else did he say in this vein?
(a) God can play who he wants
(b) God and man are the same
(c) No man can play God
(d) Men try to play God

4. How did Simon think the handicapped could succeed?
(a) as well as anyone else
(b) they couldn't succeed
(c) within certain limitations
(d) with some help

5. What did Simon suggest to Og about the gate?
(a) it would work on the third try
(b) he would clear off the snow
(c) he should go to the back entrance
(d) he could hold it open

6. Why did Og sit at Simon's feet?
(a) to play with the dog
(b) to listen to him teach
(c) he was taller than Simon
(d) there was only one chair

7. What kind of books does Simon like to read?
(a) some of every genre
(b) religious books
(c) mostly myteries
(d) science books

8. What does Simon believe about the books in his apartment?
(a) they are bestsellers
(b) they are hard to find
(c) they need to be rewritten
(d) they were written by the hand of God

9. In Chapter 3, what does Simon tell Og about the mind?
(a) it's the greatest creation on earth
(b) it is like a computer
(c) it can cause problems
(d) it cannot be controlled

10. What did Og's mother do with his writings?
(a) hid them
(b) nothing
(c) burn them
(d) read and criticized them

11. What phenomena does Simon suggest is the reason for Og's strange feelings around him?
(a) reincarnation
(b) senility
(c) dreams
(d) de′jà vu

12. Why did Simon think raising the dead was still being done today?
(a) most people are living dead
(b) no one knows when someone is really dead
(c) there is no such thing as death
(d) the doctors bring people back all the time

13. How did Og keep Simon talking?
(a) making up stories
(b) nodding his head
(c) asking questions
(d) recording the conversation

14. Why did Og go in a church to pray?
(a) his son was kidnapped
(b) he wasn't feeling well
(c) a publishing company wanted to meet with him
(d) his wife was sick

15. How did the gate at Og's building open?
(a) to the left
(b) to the right
(c) upward
(d) sliding backwards

Short Answer Questions

1. What are two of the examples Simon gave of God communicating to the world?

2. Of what did Simon's physical appearance and demeanor remind Og?

3. What does Simon believe all people can do?

4. When Simon called over to Og, who did he quote?

5. Who said: "soil, no matter how rich, could not be productive without cultivation?"

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