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Og Mandino
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Simon say caused living death?
(a) lack of self-esteem
(b) lack of beauty
(c) lack of education
(d) lack of money

2. How did Og try to open his gate?
(a) by pushing on the open bar
(b) with a remote opener
(c) with a key
(d) on a number pad

3. How did Simon relate car accidents to success?
(a) most accidents can be avoided if one doesn't give up
(b) most accidents are premeditated
(c) most accidents are due to carelessness
(d) most accidents are destiny

4. What did Simon ask Og about miracles?
(a) what was the greatest one ever done
(b) why miracles didn't happen
(c) who was a modern miracle worker
(d) if he really believed in miracles

5. Why was Og worried about his book becoming well-known?
(a) people asking him for money
(b) coping with wealth and fame
(c) people laughing at him
(d) people criticizing the book

6. What does Simon do in his life?
(a) he's retired
(b) helps people
(c) he writes books
(d) he practices law

7. Simon said people don't take enough chances. Why is this, according to him?
(a) laziness
(b) ignorance
(c) misunderstanding
(d) fear

8. What was Og's connection with James Stewart?
(a) Og was a bombardier in his flight group
(b) he's his brother-in-law
(c) he's a cousin
(d) Og was in his army platoon

9. What kind of books does Simon like to read?
(a) some of every genre
(b) mostly myteries
(c) science books
(d) religious books

10. What did Og say a miracle was?
(a) the earth being alive
(b) good sherry
(c) the ability to change a law of nature
(d) God changing a life

11. What apartment number was Simon's?
(a) 27
(b) 21
(c) 33
(d) 32

12. What did Og ask of God in the church?
(a) for a new job
(b) for money
(c) for a wife
(d) for guidance and courage

13. Simon said happiness is not a cure-all, but it is this.
(a) nice to have
(b) the beginnings of a cure-all
(c) icing on the cake
(d) an antidote

14. Simon said most people have to do this in order to accept help.
(a) be willing to give
(b) hit bottom
(c) know the right person
(d) have no pride

15. Why was Og feeling pressure from his friends?
(a) they want him to get married
(b) they want him to have children
(c) they want him to go on vacation
(d) they want him to quit his job

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Bible sales when the book, "Magnificent Obsession" was published?

2. Where was Simon when Og turned to thank him?

3. How did the gate at Og's building open?

4. Who was interested in acquiring Og Mandino's first book?

5. How did Og keep Simon talking?

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