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Og Mandino
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many questions about Simon did Og mumble to himself as he walked into his office in Chapter 3?
(a) five
(b) three
(c) two
(d) four

2. Of what magazine was Og president ?
(a) New Yorker
(b) Harper's
(c) Gentleman's Quarterly
(d) Success Unlimited

3. Why did Og sit at Simon's feet?
(a) to play with the dog
(b) to listen to him teach
(c) there was only one chair
(d) he was taller than Simon

4. What did Simon ask Og about miracles?
(a) why miracles didn't happen
(b) who was a modern miracle worker
(c) what was the greatest one ever done
(d) if he really believed in miracles

5. What did Og do with his first book before he gave it to Simon?
(a) underlined important places
(b) autographed it
(c) tore out the last page
(d) put a book cover on it

6. Why does Og tell Simon he looks great when Simon visits Og's office?
(a) Simon shaved off his beard
(b) Simon had a tan
(c) Simon cut his hair
(d) Simon wore a suit and tie

7. Who picked Og off the junk pile sixteen years previously?
(a) Lonnie Goodman
(b) Abraham Maslow
(c) W. Clement Stone
(d) Deepak Chopra

8. What did Simon believe a person should do if she/he worked at a hated job?
(a) quit the job
(b) work harder
(c) become the boss
(d) pray for the boss

9. Who said, "whatever we allow to enter our minds will bear fruit?"
(a) Socrates
(b) Simon
(c) Og
(d) John Kennedy

10. Why was Og feeling pressure from his friends?
(a) they want him to get married
(b) they want him to go on vacation
(c) they want him to have children
(d) they want him to quit his job

11. Who was interested in acquiring Og Mandino's first book?
(a) Simon
(b) Hollywood
(c) several paperback houses
(d) a playwright

12. What does Og do for a living?
(a) he's a stockbroker
(b) he's a banker
(c) he's an editor
(d) he's a writer

13. What does GIGO mean?
(a) good is good often
(b) garbage in, garbage out
(c) going in going out
(d) God is God outside

14. What did Simon say caused living death?
(a) lack of beauty
(b) lack of money
(c) lack of education
(d) lack of self-esteem

15. What did Og ask of God in the church?
(a) for a wife
(b) for money
(c) for a new job
(d) for guidance and courage

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Simon believe causes most of the world's ills?

2. What happened to Bible sales when the book, "Magnificent Obsession" was published?

3. What did Og imagine he heard God saying?

4. What did Eddie Rickenbacker say when asked about floating around in the ocean for three weeks?

5. What did Og do when he graduated from high school?

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