The Greatest Miracle in the World Quiz | Eight Week Quiz C

Og Mandino
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Og feel about Simon after the first couple of times they met?
(a) frightened and fascinated
(b) confused
(c) sad
(d) happy and excited

2. Why does Simon call himself a ragpicker?
(a) he weaves material out of rags
(b) he picks people off the junk piles of their lives
(c) he wears simple, old clothes
(d) he pulls treasures out of dumpsters

3. At the opening to Chapter 3, Og was yelled at by Simon. Where was Simon?
(a) hanging out an apartment window
(b) in a snow drift
(c) by Og's office door
(d) in a taxi

4. How many questions about Simon did Og mumble to himself as he walked into his office in Chapter 3?
(a) five
(b) two
(c) four
(d) three

5. What did Og say a miracle was?
(a) good sherry
(b) the earth being alive
(c) the ability to change a law of nature
(d) God changing a life

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what magazine was Og president ?

2. What phenomena does Simon suggest is the reason for Og's strange feelings around him?

3. Why was Og feeling pressure from his friends?

4. What did Og do when he first saw Simon?

5. Why was Og worried about his book becoming well-known?

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