Daily Lessons for Teaching The Greatest Miracle in the World

Og Mandino
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Og Mandino. This book is supposed to be a true story based on Og Mandino's experiences with a man named Simon Potter. It would be helpful to know who Og Mandino was and why he wrote this book.

This lesson will look at the life of Og Mandino.


1. Homework. Students will research the life of Og Mandino and write a paper on their findings.

2. Class discussion. How did Og's life before he met Simon prepare him for the friendship with Simon? Does Og Mandino seem like a person who would get to know what looked to be an eccentric man?

3. Group work. In groups students will prepare a list of why they think Simon Potter chose to be outside Og's building gate the day they met. Groups will present their opinions to the class.

Lesson 2 (from Chapter 1)


Fate or destiny. Was it Og Mandino's destiny to...

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