The Greatest Miracle in the World Character Descriptions

Og Mandino
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Og Mandino

He is a writer and the president of the magazine, Success Unlimited.

Simon Potter

He was an old man who appointed himself the ragpicker of the human race.

Frederick Fell

He is a publisher who had great faith in Og Mandino.


He was a scientist who wrote a book based on his theory that humans evolved from apes.


He was a medical man who dabbled in Astronomy as a hobby.

Professor Edward Dewey

He was a personal acquaintance of Og's and had written the book, Cycles, Mysterious Forces That Trigger Coming Events.


This is a major character in this book.

Lloyd Douglas

He wrote a book called Magnificent Obsession.

Lisha and Eric

They were Simon's family who lived with him in Germany.


This is the name of the main character in Og's book, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

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