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David McCullough
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Short Answer Questions

1. For shat portrait did George Healy win his first medal at the Paris Salon?

2. What type of artist did George Healy long to be?

3. What was considered the grandest and most exuberant expression of the Second Empire opulence?

4. What did Charles Sumner find surprising about the Sorbonne?

5. What did James Fenimore Cooper mean when he said France was a country of dirt and gilding?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Pierre-Charles-Alexandre Louis? Why was he important to Americans who went to Paris in the 1830s?

2. What artist did James Fenimore Cooper befriend while living in Paris? Where was this artist completing most of his work during this friendship?

3. What were some of the differences between medical training in the United States and medical training in Paris?

4. Who was James McNeill Whistler? In what country did he spend most of his childhood? What did others think of Whistler during his time in Paris?

5. What was the genre of James Fenimore Cooper's first novel? Why was it not successful?

6. What famous anti-slavery author toured Paris in 1853? What were her impressions of the city?

7. What were some of Mason Warren's complaints about the behavior of the doctors under whom he trained in Paris?

8. How did many of the Americans who arrived in Paris in the 1830s feel about the stringent laws regarding passports?

9. What famous painting did Healy complete in Paris in 1850? What American political event did this painting portray?

10. How did the Americans travel the roads to Paris after arriving in Le Havre?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What was the political atmosphere like in Paris in the 1830s? What did the traveling Americans know about Paris before they arrived there? How did the stories of Paris compare to the reality of Paris for many of these American travelers? What are some of the adjectives these American travelers used in describing Paris upon first sight? Why did some dislike Paris so much so that they moved on to other destinations? Why did other fall in love with Paris almost from the first moments?

Essay Topic 2

What is cholera? Why was it believed that it would never appear in a civilized city? How did people react when a cholera outbreak began in Paris in 1832? How did cholera affect its victims? What was the prognosis of a patient with cholera in 1832? What did Americans know of cholera? Why was it believed in the 1830s that cholera was a disease of the poor? Why did people believe that the government was actively poisoning the poor during the initial outbreak? How did Americans respond to this crisis?

Essay Topic 3

Who is James Fenimore Cooper? What was he famous for when he moved to Paris in the 1830s? What was his motive for moving to Paris? What were his first impressions of Paris? What did he go on to do with his career while living in Paris? With whom did Cooper befriend while living in Paris? How did the people, culture, and styles of Paris impact Cooper's work? What might be different about Cooper's work and legacy if he had never gone to Paris?

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