Daily Lessons for Teaching The Great War and Modern Memory

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Lesson 1 (from A Satire of Circumstance)


A Satire of Circumstance

Fussell purports in the first chapter that one of the biggest problems with the British and the British military was their lack of preparation. They failed to prepare and plan for most battles. Students will analyze why the British were unprepared in battle.


1. Class discussion:

A. Who was responsible for the training of the British military?

B. Who was responsible for the commanding of the British army?

C. Which is more important - the training of the military or the commanding of the military? OR Is the training and commanding of the military equally important? Discuss.

D. What exactly were the reasons for the lack of preparation?

E. What were the areas the British were least prepared in?

2. Make connections:

We have determined that the British military was unprepared for many of their battles. Students will research the German army's preparation...

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