The Great War and Modern Memory Character Descriptions

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Sir Douglas Haig - This Scot character attended Clifton College, was very religious, and was the commander of the British forces in World War I.

General Sir George Plumer - This character is a general in the British army and is seen as the intellectual hero of the war for the British forces because this character brought imagination into their plan, and other armies were unable to anticipate their moves.

Edmund Blunden - This child of a London schoolmaster is an author who attended Oxford and who Fussell uses to show examples and quotes throughout The Great War and Modern Memory.

David Jones - This English-Welsh artist was born in Brockley, Kent and learned to draw at an early age because this artist's father was also an artist.

Wilfred Owen - This author, who became a private tutor before enlisting in the Artists' Rifles, is a poet...

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