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A Satire of Circumstance

• Fussell writes about World War I and sees it through irony, which he displays through poets such as Thomas Hardy, who Fussell considers the master of spiritual irony.

• A big problem for the British was their lack of preparation, especially under the command of Sir Douglas Haig.
• Under Sir Douglas Haig, the British army failed in the battle of Somme where they had a seven to one man advantage.

• The British army under Haig became predictable, and the Germans were waiting for them at Somme in July 1916.

• At the battle of Somme, the tank was introduced as a weapon.
• In March 1917, the British finally captured Bapaume, their first objective in the Somme battle.

• German submarines were active in the Atlantic, and this brought America into the war in April 1917.

• At about the same time as Somme, General Sir George Plumer carried out a more...

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