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Short Answer Questions

1. What Shakespeare play did Anne teach while living in Queenstown?

2. What was the code name of Theroux's American host in Saigon?

3. What was the name of the American English teacher in Hakodate?

4. What time was dinner served at Bernard's mansion?

5. Where were Ghosh and Rahman from?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Westerners and Japanese react to the suicide of the Japanese writer, Yukio Mishima?

2. Why did Theroux leave behind his passport and camera while trying to go to the Goktiek Viaduct?

3. What image was brought to mind by the sight of the Japanese workers doing mass calisthenics?

4. Describe the Kali religious festival from Chapter 16.

5. Why were there no skiers on the mountain in Japan, despite the large amount of perfect snow?

6. What are the differences between Japanese and American consumers?

7. What common prostitution story did Theroux hear numerous times during his travels and how did the story told in Laos differ?

8. Describe the Japanese obsession with the high cost of living in Japan.

9. How did Mr. Bernard treat Theroux at his mansion in maymyo?

10. Why was the man on the train to Calcutta running away from his girlfriend?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The hippies seen on the trains throughout Turkey kept to themselves for the most part, not interacting with the Turkish people on board. Did Theroux think they were not experiencing authentic culture? How were Theroux's experiences in Turkey richer than those of the hippies? Do you think Theroux would have met the people he met in Turkey if he had stayed in cars with mostly Americans? Do you think the hippies were having a rich experience in Asia? How do you think Theroux felt about their apparent attitude toward the locals?

Essay Topic 2

In the closing pages, Theroux reflected on how the book could have been different if he had written it as a novel instead of a travel piece. Did he focus too much on what his eyes saw or did he discuss what his imagination knew? Would the book have worked better as fiction? Would it have been necessary for Theroux to invent characters and situations in order to help the narrative flow? Did he make the right choice in writing a travelogue?

Essay Topic 3

Theroux visited what were declared to be the tombs of Cain and Abel while traveling through Ceylon. The country was in dire straits when Theroux traveled through and continued to have significant problems. What was the significance of the location of the alleged tombs of Cain and Abel? Does the fact that the "first murderer" was buried in Ceylon say anything about the country's likely fate? Do you think that the Ceylonese (who showed signs of religious devotion) viewed the tombs as somehow significant in terms of their condition? Did the decrepit condition of the tombs indicate a desire to suppress the tradition that this was the burial place of Cain and Abel?

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