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Short Answer Questions

1. What word was tattooed on the American civilian worker's right hand?

2. What did the security officer note Theroux did not have when he claimed to be a tourist?

3. How often did Japanese workers receive a bonus?

4. Where did Bernard tell Theroux he was born?

5. What service was common for tourists in Bangkok?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Theroux's visit to the tourism office in Vietnam.

2. How did Westerners and Japanese react to the suicide of the Japanese writer, Yukio Mishima?

3. How was the American woman living in Sapporo welcomed into the Japanese fold in the story retold in Chapter 27?

4. What was Theroux's reaction to the sight of the Goktiek Viaduct?

5. What common prostitution story did Theroux hear numerous times during his travels and how did the story told in Laos differ?

6. Why did Theroux find the Singapore government's prediction of electronic connectedness so disturbing?

7. Why did Theroux refer to Laos as "America's expensive practical joke"?

8. Who were the American-looking children Theroux saw throughout Vietnam?

9. What are the differences between Japanese and American consumers?

10. What did Theroux find disturbing about Osaka?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While most of the trains boarded by Theroux were rather slow and, in many cases old, some of the trains he rode in Japan were extremely fast. As a result, he felt he did not have rich experiences. Did the speed of the trains interfere with his ability to have revealing conversations with others? Or was some of that due to the Japanese character? How would slower trains facilitate conversation?

Essay Topic 2

In many of the Muslim areas traveled by Theroux, there was very little or non-existent public interaction between men and women. How do you think this lack of interaction helped or hindered the nations he traveled through? How do you think it affected the workforce? Is it possible to have both male and female workforces when they have to be separated? What impact did the lack of visible women have on the cultures seen in the book? Would having more women in visible roles have an impact on the society and, if so, how?

Essay Topic 3

In Vietnam, Theroux wrote that his impression of American involvement had been doomed because we had no intention of staying. Therefore, we never developed a vision of what kind of nation we would leave behind, and the Vietnamese emerged damaged and abandoned. Do you believe the U.S. could have achieved its objectives had we remained in the country for a longer period of time? What responsibility did Theroux suggest a nation had to stay and rebuild another nation after involving itself in a military mission?

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