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Harold C. Schonberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters XI through XIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was Frédéric Chopin born?
(a) 1900.
(b) 1759.
(c) 1786.
(d) 1810.

2. When did Louis Moreau Gottschalk die?
(a) 1902.
(b) 1798.
(c) 1869.
(d) 1815.

3. In what year was Henri Herz born?
(a) 1845.
(b) 1803.
(c) 1779.
(d) 1911.

4. What refers to an early keyboard instrument producing a soft sound by means of metal blades attached to the inner ends of the keys gently striking the strings?
(a) Harpsichord.
(b) Organ.
(c) Lute.
(d) Clavichord.

5. What is an English piano manufacturer founded in 1728 by Burkat Shudi and continued after his death in 1773?
(a) Steinway.
(b) Hammel and Sons.
(c) Henselt and Sons.
(d) Broadwood and Sons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term refers to a group of eight interrelated notes?

2. Where was Franz Liszt musical director and the location of the headquarters for "Music of the Future"?

3. What German pianist, composer, piano teacher, and piano manufacturer was born in 1785?

4. Old Arpeggio recommended pressing the keys with energy and vigor rather than striking them and kneading tender passages with "fingers of" what?

5. What German pianist and composer was a pupil of Hummel and Sechter and became court pianist in St Petersburg?

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