The Great Pianists Character Descriptions

Harold C. Schonberg
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is the name of a child prodigy who achieved fame on piano in 1778 at twenty-one.

Muzio Clementi

This is the name of an Italian-born English piano virtuoso who was born in 1752 Italy and raised by an English Member of Parliament.

John Baptist Cramer

This is the name of a pianist born in 1771 in Germany and taken to London by his parents as a child prodigy.

Jan Ladislav Dussek

This was the first pianist to perform in a public hall or auditorium for concerts.

Ludwig von Beethoven

This was the first romanticist pianist who made his initial impact in 1792 Vienna where he played with elemental force and conception.

Johann Hummel

This pianist was born November 14, 1778 in Bohemia and was acknowledged for playing with a clear, even and steady rhythm.

Carl Czerny

This artist, born in 1791, was one of the greatest pianists who never played in...

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