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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What item do the men that Rand sees at the palace wear that labels them as Warders in Chapter two?
(a) Rings with the Warder emblem on it.
(b) Color shifiting cloaks.
(c) Pointy hats.
(d) A badge of honor.

2. What does Masema do to Rand while serving supper the first night they are camping?
(a) Refuses to serve Rand.
(b) Pours Rand's meal on the ground.
(c) Throws a bowl full in Rand's face.
(d) Purposely spills the hot stew on Rand.

3. What do Ing'tar's men find when they enter a village that the Trollocs and the Darkfriends went through?
(a) Everyone is gone.
(b) The only people left have gone insane.
(c) The town is burned to the ground.
(d) The people have all been murdered.

4. What does the sniffer say that he smells while they are tracking the ones that took the horn?
(a) Something worse.
(b) A rotting beef carcass.
(c) Pure evil.
(d) Darkness.

5. What does Egwene say the strange man in her dream does whenever she sees him?
(a) He tells her he will kill Rand.
(b) He curses her to the Darkness.
(c) He tells her he will kill her.
(d) He laughs at her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rand ask Egwene to promise him in the end of Chapter eight?

2. What does the Warder tell Rand about the sword that he carries?

3. What two things do wolves hate?

4. What does Moiraine wear in the hopes that it will put some of the Aes Sedai off guard when they see it?

5. What does Rand hope that leaving his sword arm free will convey?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the clothing that is made for Rand.

2. Describe how Rand and Loial take the Horn from Fain in Chapter nineteen.

3. What differences have occurred in Mat and Perrin since they left their home?

4. What happens in Chapter ten when Rand walks into an abandoned home?

5. What does Rand see in the dungeon after the attack?

6. Describe what happens when Rand first tries to use his powers on the stone to get him, Loial, and Hurin home?

7. What does Elayne explain after they see Logain in the hall?

8. What happened to Egwene and Mat during the battle?

9. What does Nynaeve face when she walks through the three arches?

10. What does Rand find when he tries to leave the castle?

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