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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moiraine say is wrong with Egwene?
(a) She is under a sleeping spell.
(b) She has had magic done to her.
(c) She has been poisoned.
(d) A head injury.

2. What effect does the work on Mat have that is done by the Aes Sedai in Chapter seven?
(a) It will kill him more quickly.
(b) It will allow him to live a few months at the most.
(c) It allows them to control him completely.
(d) It severed him from the dagger completely.

3. What does Hurin say he can smell when they wake in the strange dream-like land?
(a) Aes Sedai.
(b) Perrin.
(c) Matt.
(d) The Darkfriends.

4. What does Nynaeve do while trying to stir the wind in Chapter twelve?
(a) Starts snow.
(b) Causes a tornado.
(c) Sets some blankets on fire.
(d) Brings down rain.

5. Why is it that Moiraine and the other sisters didn't feel the Draghkar when it got close to the house?
(a) It was Warded.
(b) It had an Aes Sedai cape.
(c) They are out of practice.
(d) It had a magic talisman.

6. What does Lan give to Nynaeve in Chapter eight?
(a) A necklace.
(b) A broach with his house symbol.
(c) A gold ring.
(d) A letter of his devotion.

7. What does Adeleas say about gentling the Dragon Reborn?
(a) That it must not be done until after he has defeated the Dark One.
(b) That it must be done before the Horn is sounded.
(c) That there is no reason to do it.
(d) That it will be enjoyable.

8. What does Rand hope that leaving his sword arm free will convey?
(a) That he is dangerous.
(b) That he is expecting an attack.
(c) That the sword is important.
(d) That he is confident.

9. Who is the man that Egwene and Elayne see in the hallway?
(a) A thief.
(b) The shadow of Fain.
(c) A Darkfriend.
(d) Logain.

10. What does Moiraine say is wrong with Mat?
(a) He has a head injury.
(b) He has internal bleeding.
(c) He has been poisoned.
(d) His dagger is gone.

11. What does Ba'alzamon say that the Aes Sedai want to do?
(a) Kill Rand.
(b) Banish Rand's soul.
(c) Have Rand serve them with his power.
(d) Use Rand like a hound on a leash.

12. What does Moiraine say will happen to the world no matter what they do?
(a) It will go on the same way it has.
(b) It will continue to turn.
(c) It will burn.
(d) It will be united under a single power.

13. What does Loial do in Chapter fifteen?
(a) Sings a Treesong and makes a quarterstaff.
(b) Kills a tree and releases a seed.
(c) Brings a tree to life and opens a doorway.
(d) Causes water to rise from the ground.

14. What is part of the reason that Moiraine refuses to stay and eat and drink with the Amyrlin?
(a) That the Amyrlin will figure out where Rand is.
(b) Moiraine has to meet with someone.
(c) Moiraine is hiding information from the Amyrlin.
(d) The Amyrlin is surrounded by dark powers.

15. What is on the new cloak that Rand receives in Chapter two?
(a) A two headed snake.
(b) A dragon with a rider on his back.
(c) A serpent with four legs and a lion's mane.
(d) A lion with a man's face.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moiraine say about the things that are happening in the very beginning of Chapter twenty-two?

2. What is Nynaeve told she will have to face when going through the arches?

3. What does the woman at the Nine Rings ask Hurin to do?

4. What does Egwene's dream in Chapter twelve tell her?

5. What reason does Rand believe that the Amyrlin Seat has come in chapter one?

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