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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mat say about what an Aes Sedai says?
(a) She would sooner lie than help a man.
(b) They twist things to their own use.
(c) They are incapable of lying.
(d) It is never the truth you expect it to be.

2. What does Moiraine know that Nynaeve has done to Lan?
(a) Made Lan disloyal.
(b) Put cracks in Lan's wall.
(c) Made Lan heart sick.
(d) Made Lan hate his bond to Moiraine.

3. What item do the men that Rand sees at the palace wear that labels them as Warders in Chapter two?
(a) Pointy hats.
(b) Color shifiting cloaks.
(c) A badge of honor.
(d) Rings with the Warder emblem on it.

4. What does Rand notice about the way that things look when he first wakes up in Chapter thirteen?
(a) Everything is transparent.
(b) Things are paler than they should be.
(c) The sun is redder than it should be.
(d) There is a thick mist.

5. What happens when Rand uses the Dark One's true name in Chapter six?
(a) The fires in the room leap.
(b) Thunder flashes in a clear sky.
(c) The Dark One's laughter is heard.
(d) Rand becomes very dizzy.

6. Why is Mim at the White Tower?
(a) She sees things.
(b) Her mother is there.
(c) She was sold into slavery.
(d) She has the power.

7. What two things do wolves hate?
(a) Fire and Trollocs.
(b) The Dark One and Swords.
(c) Men and Trollocs.
(d) Darkfriends and Lightning.

8. Why is it that Moiraine and the other sisters didn't feel the Draghkar when it got close to the house?
(a) They are out of practice.
(b) It had an Aes Sedai cape.
(c) It had a magic talisman.
(d) It was Warded.

9. What does the Amyrlin say that she used to dream of when she was a novice?
(a) Finding a handsome husband who didn't mind being married to an Aes Sedai.
(b) Being the center of a song.
(c) Saving entire villages.
(d) Finding the ultimate power.

10. What is part of the reason that Moiraine refuses to stay and eat and drink with the Amyrlin?
(a) That the Amyrlin will figure out where Rand is.
(b) Moiraine is hiding information from the Amyrlin.
(c) The Amyrlin is surrounded by dark powers.
(d) Moiraine has to meet with someone.

11. What does Moiraine say will happen to the world no matter what they do?
(a) It will burn.
(b) It will go on the same way it has.
(c) It will be united under a single power.
(d) It will continue to turn.

12. What does Ing'tar say is the reason that they should not tell anyone else about Perrin's ability to talk to the wolves?
(a) No one knows of talking to wolves.
(b) The Dark One is said to control wolves.
(c) They might think Perrin was a darkfriend.
(d) Wolves are considered bad luck.

13. What does Rand find that Moiraine has packed for him?
(a) A banner of the Dragon.
(b) A cloak belonging to the king.
(c) A Warder's cloak.
(d) A flute.

14. What does Ing'tar say that they will say is Perrin's ability?
(a) He is a magician.
(b) He has the gift of dreaming.
(c) He is a sniffer.
(d) He has a bird that is circling Fain.

15. What do Rand and the Warder hear that draws their attention in Chapter one?
(a) Drums.
(b) A woman singing.
(c) A dragon's cry.
(d) A rumbling in the heavens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the woman answer when she is asked what do they guard against in chapter two?

2. What does the Amyrlin Seat say that they have done in order to get to Moiraine quickly?

3. What does Lan give to Nynaeve in Chapter eight?

4. What do Moiraine's eyes look like when she is angry?

5. What does the Amyrlin Seat do that shocks the Keeper?

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