The Great Hunt Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What do Rand and the Warder discuss in Chapter one?

They are talking about the reasons that Rand has stayed so long rather than leaving a month ago when he should have. Rand says that it is partly to blame on Moiraine. Moiraine told him that he would go mad and then die. Since then she has had nothing to say to him and it worries Rand but she acts as if she has said nothing to him.

2. What does Rand find when he returns to his room in Chapter two?

There are women in his room. They are gathering up his old clothes and replacing them with new. Rand tries to stop him but soon finds that they will not go and he agrees to give him the clothing that he is wearing.

3. Describe the clothing that is made for Rand.

The clothing has been made specially for him. They are made of fine silk and other fabrics. On a cloak that is given to Rand there is a symbol embroidered. It is a serpent with four legs and a lion's mane. Rand knows that he will have to take this off of his cloak.

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