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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amyrlin say about Rand's name when Moiraine speaks it?
(a) It doesn't sound like a name to strike fear.
(b) It is an odd name.
(c) It seems to be familiar to a deep part of her memory.
(d) It fits in with the prophecy.

2. What does Moiraine say will happen to the world no matter what they do?
(a) It will go on the same way it has.
(b) It will burn.
(c) It will continue to turn.
(d) It will be united under a single power.

3. What reason does Rand believe that the Amyrlin Seat has come in chapter one?
(a) To negotiate a peace treaty.
(b) To start a war.
(c) There must be a dragon attacking the Aes Sedai.
(d) Because of him.

4. What happens when Rand uses the Dark One's true name in Chapter six?
(a) Thunder flashes in a clear sky.
(b) The Dark One's laughter is heard.
(c) Rand becomes very dizzy.
(d) The fires in the room leap.

5. What name have the wolves given to Perrin?
(a) Young Bull.
(b) Bear Claw.
(c) Dark One.
(d) Sitting Duck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nynaeve do while trying to stir the wind in Chapter twelve?

2. What does Rand hope that leaving his sword arm free will convey?

3. What does Ing'tar say is the reason that they should not tell anyone else about Perrin's ability to talk to the wolves?

4. What does Lan give to Nynaeve in Chapter eight?

5. What do Ing'tar's men find when they enter a village that the Trollocs and the Darkfriends went through?

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