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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 10-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moiraine do for Rand after the attack on the castle in Chapter six?
(a) Hugs him goodbye.
(b) Gives him a magic talisman.
(c) Gives him permission to leave the castle walls.
(d) Gives him some money and a secret route out of the castle.

2. What do Ing'tar's men find when they enter a village that the Trollocs and the Darkfriends went through?
(a) Everyone is gone.
(b) The people have all been murdered.
(c) The town is burned to the ground.
(d) The only people left have gone insane.

3. What effect does the work on Mat have that is done by the Aes Sedai in Chapter seven?
(a) It severed him from the dagger completely.
(b) It will kill him more quickly.
(c) It allows them to control him completely.
(d) It will allow him to live a few months at the most.

4. What has happened to the guards at the dungeon in chapter six?
(a) They are simply gone.
(b) Their heads were cut off and their bodies eaten.
(c) Their arms and legs were pulled out.
(d) They had their hearts removed.

5. What does Rand say when Mat implies that he and Perrin are leaving with Rand when he goes?
(a) Rand is tired of having them following him.
(b) Rand knows their paths lie in different directions.
(c) Rand cannot risk them any further.
(d) Rand wants them to go with him everywhere.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Amyrlin Seat say that they have done in order to get to Moiraine quickly?

2. What does Ing'tar tell Rand that Rand is in Chapter eleven?

3. What does Moiraine wear in the hopes that it will put some of the Aes Sedai off guard when they see it?

4. What does Lan give to Nynaeve in Chapter eight?

5. What does Moiraine say will happen to the world no matter what they do?

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