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Heron Mark

Recreate the mark that was put on Rand's hands. This can be a drawing or use any other medium you desire.


There is going to be a televised version of Ba'alzamon and Rand's fight. Give a review or a short commercial for the fight based on what is seen in the book.

Aes Sedai Theme Song

The Aes Sedai are a very elite group of women. It seems only fitting that they have their own theme song. Bring in the song.

Captain Domon's Rare Artifacts

Domon has had enough of the sea life, what with getting nearly killed and mixed up in all the Aes Sedai business. Create a slogan and an advertisement for his new shop where you can come to look at all the rare things he has gotten while on his travels.

Trolloc Hunting

Perrin decides to start his own company where...

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