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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nick tell Gatsby about his behavior at tea?
(a) Gatsby is the perfect guest.
(b) Gatsby is immature and rude.
(c) Gatsby is a gentleman.
(d) Gatsby is obnoxious.

2. Where does Nick wait while Gatsby and Daisy talk?
(a) In the rain, under a tree.
(b) In the kitchen.
(c) Gatsby’s house.
(d) In his car.

3. What is Daisy’s emotional state when Nick comes back into the room?
(a) Haughty.
(b) Glowing.
(c) Crying.
(d) Angry.

4. What does Nick tell Gatsby when Gatsby talks about his past with Daisy?
(a) You cannot repeat the past.
(b) You and Daisy will bring the past back to life.
(c) You will get Daisy back again.
(d) Daisy will leave Tom for you.

5. Why can’t Nick get through to Gatsby on the phone after his conversation with Jordan?
(a) Gatsby disconnected his phone.
(b) Gatsby is on the phone with Mr. Wilson.
(c) Gatsby’s line is held open for a call from Detroit.
(d) Gatsby is on the phone with Daisy.

6. What is Gatsby’s answer when Tom asks him when he went to Oxford?
(a) He went for two years beginning in 1922.
(b) He went for three months in 1919.
(c) He went for five months in 1919.
(d) He did not go at all.

7. What does Michaelis find when he goes to Wilson’s garage four hours after dawn?
(a) Wilson collapsed on the floor.
(b) Wilson is sleeping.
(c) Wilson is crying.
(d) Wilson is gone.

8. What is Tom’s reaction to Gatsby’s revelation about his relationship with Daisy?
(a) Daisy is an idiot.
(b) Daisy is immature.
(c) Daisy gets foolish ideas in her head.
(d) Daisy can leave forever.

9. What does Gatsby want Daisy to tell Tom?
(a) She wants to stay at the party.
(b) She wants to go sailing with Gatsby tomorrow
(c) She never loved him.
(d) He is a good husband.

10. Who arrives on horseback to Gatsby’s house on a Sunday afternoon while Nick is visiting?
(a) Jordan Baker, Daisy and Lucille.
(b) Mr. Sloan, Jordan Baker and a woman.
(c) Tom Buchanan, Mr. Sloan and a woman.
(d) Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker and Daisy.

11. What does Nick realize he must do when he hears a taxi arrive at Gatsby’s at dawn?
(a) Meet Gatsby at Daisy’s house.
(b) Give him a warning.
(c) Go to Gatsby’s for breakfast.
(d) Give him a message from Daisy.

12. Where does Daisy suggest she and her guests go during the luncheon?
(a) The theatre.
(b) Gatsby's boat.
(c) Over to Gatsby’s for a swim.
(d) Town.

13. What does Wilson find out about the yellow car that hit Myrtle?
(a) It belongs to Gatsby.
(b) It belongs to Jordan.
(c) It belongs to Daisy.
(d) It belongs to Tom.

14. How does Gatsby meet Dan Cody?
(a) Gatsby rows out to Cody’s yacht.
(b) At one of Gatsby’s dinner parties.
(c) Nick’s home.
(d) The theatre.

15. How does Gatsby look when he arrives at Nick’s for tea?
(a) Pale and tired.
(b) Sun tanned and healthy.
(c) Energetic and well-rested.
(d) Pale but energetic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom hear Daisy telling Gatsby?

2. What does Nick say to Gatsby about Daisy, Tom, and all their friends?

3. What is one of the last things Mr. Wilson says to Myrtle?

4. Why does Gatsby fire all his servants?

5. What does Gatsby do when he realizes that Nick does not make much money?

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