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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What car does Tom want to drive when they all leave the tea party?
(a) Tom’s coupe.
(b) Gatsby’s car.
(c) Nick’s car.
(d) Jordan’s car.

2. What does Nick discover when he rushes to Gatsby’s house?
(a) Gatsby and Jordan are dead.
(b) Gatsby and Tom are dead.
(c) Gatsby and his butler are dead.
(d) Gatsby and Wilson are dead.

3. What is Gatsby’s answer when Tom asks him when he went to Oxford?
(a) He went for three months in 1919.
(b) He went for five months in 1919.
(c) He did not go at all.
(d) He went for two years beginning in 1922.

4. What does Gatsby say about Daisy’s voice?
(a) It is full of money
(b) It is like a whisper.
(c) It is soothing.
(d) It is shrill.

5. What rumor does the New York reporter reveal about Gatsby?
(a) Gatsby is an introvert.
(b) Gatsby is a gangster.
(c) Gatsby lives in a boat.
(d) Gatsby is eccentric.

6. What is one of the last things Mr. Wilson says to Myrtle?
(a) You are my best friend.
(b) I am leaving you.
(c) You can fool me but not God.
(d) You are the love of my life.

7. What is the stain on the workbench in Wilson’s garage?
(a) Paint.
(b) Blood.
(c) Grease.
(d) Oil.

8. As Gatsby is about to kiss Daisy for the first time, what does he realize about his life?
(a) He will never be faithful.
(b) His mind will never be like the mind of God again.
(c) His mind will become more God-like.
(d) He will regret the kiss.

9. What is the weather like on the day of Daisy’s luncheon?
(a) Raining.
(b) Cold.
(c) Sunny and mild.
(d) Extremely hot.

10. Why does Wilson need money?
(a) So he and his wife can go west.
(b) So he can buy his wife a present.
(c) So he can leave his wife.
(d) So he can buy a new car.

11. What does Wilson find out about the yellow car that hit Myrtle?
(a) It belongs to Daisy.
(b) It belongs to Gatsby.
(c) It belongs to Tom.
(d) It belongs to Jordan.

12. Why does Nick go outside in the rain during tea?
(a) Daisy and Gatsby no longer see him.
(b) Nick is angry with Daisy.
(c) Nick is angry with Gatsby.
(d) Daisy and Nick are angry with him.

13. What represented beauty and glamour to Gatsby when he was 17-years-old?
(a) Rich women.
(b) His mother.
(c) Actresses.
(d) Cody’s yacht.

14. What is Tom’s reaction to Gatsby’s revelation about his relationship with Daisy?
(a) Daisy is an idiot.
(b) Daisy is immature.
(c) Daisy gets foolish ideas in her head.
(d) Daisy can leave forever.

15. What type of people were Gatsby’s parents?
(a) Shiftless and unsuccessful farmers.
(b) Lazy and poor fishermen.
(c) Poor but hard working farmers.
(d) Dependable and successful farmers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can’t Nick get through to Gatsby on the phone after his conversation with Jordan?

2. What is Daisy’s emotional state when Nick comes back into the room?

3. What is Gatsby’s financial state when he returns from France?

4. What item does Wilson find wrapped up in the drawer that upsets him?

5. How does Gatsby look when he arrives at Nick’s for tea?

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