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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nick feel when he senses Daisy’s insincerity and sees the smirk on her face?
(a) Angry.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Uneasy.
(d) Embarrassed.

2. What is Mrs. Wilson’s reaction when Mrs. McKee compliments her dress?
(a) Happiness.
(b) Thankfulness.
(c) Disdain.
(d) Embarrassment.

3. What does Gatsby’s luncheon guest reveal about an event that took place at the Metropole?
(a) Rosy Rosenthal shot three people.
(b) Rosy Rosenthal shot himself.
(c) Tom shot Rosy Rosenthal.
(d) Rosy Rosenthal was shot three times.

4. What comment does the stout, middle-aged man that Nick and Jordan meet in the library say about Gatsby’s books?
(a) The books have no pages.
(b) All the books are real.
(c) Every book is the same.
(d) All the books are written in a foreign language.

5. What quality does the narrator give to Gatsby as he describes the man?
(a) Something ethereal about him.
(b) Something gorgeous about him.
(c) Something evil about him.
(d) Something sinister about him.

6. How does Nick remember years later, the celebrities and other affluent people who visited Gatsby’s mansion in the summer of 1922?
(a) He has a photographic memory.
(b) He contacts Gatsby’s domestic help from 1922.
(c) He took photographs of every guest.
(d) He writes a timetable of names.

7. Who is the slender young woman with the charming face that emanates discontent whom Nick meets at dinner with the Buchanan’s?
(a) Miss Daisy.
(b) Miss Baker.
(c) Mrs. Buchanan.
(d) Mrs. Baker.

8. While talking to Nick, what does Gatsby reveal about his family?
(a) They are a wealthy, San Francisco family.
(b) They retired to Florida.
(c) They are poor Canadians.
(d) They are middle-class New Yorkers.

9. Which of the following adjectives best describes Mr. Wilson?
(a) Jubilant.
(b) Aggressive.
(c) Outgoing.
(d) Spiritless.

10. When the narrator returns from the East, what does he hope not to see again?
(a) Glimpses into the human heart.
(b) City lights.
(c) The sea.
(d) Poverty.

11. What type of house do the narrator’s old friends live in?
(a) Georgian Colonial mansion.
(b) Contemporary.
(c) Shotgun style.
(d) Victorian mansion.

12. What does Myrtle Wilson buy from an old man as she waits in a taxicab in New York City?
(a) A bouquet of roses.
(b) A roasted chestnut.
(c) The daily newspaper.
(d) A puppy.

13. What does Gatsby tell Nick about his time in the war?
(a) He tried hard to die.
(b) He was never promoted.
(c) He was afraid most of the time.
(d) He did not see any action.

14. Who was the man that stayed over at Gatsby’s so often that he became known as “the boarder”?
(a) Wilson
(b) Snell
(c) Klipspringer
(d) Endive

15. Why does Tom slap Mrs. Wilson, breaking her nose?
(a) She insults his career.
(b) She says that he is not a gentleman.
(c) She insults his career.
(d) She mentions Daisy’s name.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jordan’s escort to Gatsby’s party?

2. What object does Nick remind Daisy of?

3. Where does the narrator rent a house when he goes east?

4. What is the first thing Nick does when he arrives at Gatsby’s party?

5. What arrives from New York to Gatsby’s house every Friday?

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