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Create a newspaper reporting on fashion, events, politics and crimes that occur in the novel.

Write Chapter 10

Write Chapter 10 for the novel. Describe what happens to the characters after Gatsby’s funeral.

Sympathy Card

Write a sympathy card to Nick and Henry Gatz about the loss of Gatsby. Use at least 100 words and create an illustrated cover.

Happy Ending

Change the ending to the novel to what you consider a happy ending.

Interrogate Daisy

Take on the role as police investigator and write an interrogation of Daisy into the death of Myrtle Wilson.

Song Lyrics

Since “The Great Gatsby” was written during the Jazz Age, write song lyrics in the same style as the jazz musicians. Create lyrics that could be used in the novel.

News Broadcast

Take on the role as a news broadcaster. Report on Jay Gatsby’s murder and Mr. Wilson’s suicide using...

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