The Great Gatsby Character Descriptions

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Jordan Baker

This character is a lifelong friend of Daisy and a professional golfer.

Daisy Buchanan

This wealthy woman is Jay Gatsby’s love interest. She is self-centered and cares only for money.

Tom Buchanan

This villainous character is married to Daisy and sets Gatsby up to take the fall for Mrs. Wilson’s death.

Nick Carraway

This character is the narrator of the story and the only true friend to Gatsby.

Jay Gatsby

Originally, James Gatz, this character is a mysterious millionaire who hosts parties for hundreds of people every month. He is in love with the woman who lives across the harbor from him.

Ewing Klipspringer

This character lives in Gatsby’s mansion and plays the piano for him on occasion.


This character is the coffee store owner located across from Mr. Wilson’s car repair shop. He stays with Wilson on the night Myrtle...

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