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Chapter 1

• Nick Carraway rents a cottage in West Egg, New York across from Jay Gatsby.

• Nick has dinner at his cousin Daisy’s house with her husband Tom Buchanan.

• Daisy introduces Nick to her friend, Jordan Baker, a professional golfer.

• Nick sees his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, standing in his yard looking over the ocean and trembling.

Chapter 2

• Nick, Tom, and Myrtle Wilson travel to Tom’s apartment in New York.

• It is revealed that Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson are having an affair.

• Tom buys Myrtle an Airedale puppy from a street vendor.

• Tom breaks Myrtle’s nose because she mentions Daisy’s name.

Chapter 3

• Nick hears music from Gatsby’s house and looks over at a lavish, lawn and pool party.

• Gatsby dazzles his guests every fortnight with an extravagant dinner party.

• Gatsby’s chauffeur personally invites Nick to one of Gatsby’s parties...

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