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Essay Topic 1

How does Aldred deal with solitude? Is he really unaffected by his propensity for being alone or is he merely coping out of necessity?

Essay Topic 2

What does Professor Gardiner contribute to the overall novel? How does his small role at the beginning of the book affect the novel in general and Aldred in particular?

Essay Topic 3

How are Helen and Benedict so happy when they deal with Benedict's disease every day? What makes them capable of having so much joy on a daily basis?

Essay Topic 4

Why is it difficult for Aldred to transition between war and the death that comes from violence to peacetime and life without wartime death?

Essay Topic 5

Compare and contrast Barry Driscoll with Benedict Driscoll. What makes them equally vital characters in the book?

Essay Topic 6

Why does Aldred struggle with finding his home? Why does he even have problems...

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