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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Major Aldred Leith is on a train going to Ita Jima, Japan.

• It's been two years since the end of World War II.

• Leith is studying China and the affects of the war for the Allied Forces.

• Aldred has on the train a book with a photo of the author on the back cover. The author is his father, Oliver Leith. Aldred thinks about the loveless relationship between father and son.

• Brian Talbot, a soldier, picks Leith up from the train station. He is touring Japan with Leith.

• Leith is spending one night in Ita Jima before moving on to Kure. Aldred has plans to visit Professor Gardiner in Ita Jima first.
• Professor Gardiner is of German descent. He is given the choice of going home or staying in Japan and being imprisoned when the war breaks out. He chooses to stay and go to prison...

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