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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Female Ghost consider controlling Robert to have been?
(a) Her duty.
(b) Her virtue.
(c) Her right.
(d) Her shame.

2. What is MacDonald's first name?
(a) George.
(b) Wilbur.
(c) James.
(d) Jack.

3. Who is an example of what natural affection turns to in the end if it will not be converted?
(a) The Andersons.
(b) The Browns.
(c) The Guthries.
(d) The Kennedys.

4. What creature is on the shoulder of the Ghost in the forest?
(a) A frog.
(b) A gnome.
(c) A lizard.
(d) A bird.

5. What does MacDonald say that Hell does not have the power to do over Heaven?
(a) Veto.
(b) Abandon.
(c) Love.
(d) Relinquish.

6. Who wrote, "Tis better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven?"
(a) MacDonald.
(b) C. S. Lewis.
(c) Milton.
(d) Satan.

7. What phrase does the Tragedian repeat several times?
(a) "Leaving me."
(b) "Lying dead at my feet."
(c) "Crying for her."
(d) "Wallowing in my own shame."

8. What approaches the narrator and his guide in the beginning of Chapter 12?
(a) A procession.
(b) A swarm of bees.
(c) A cloud.
(d) A waterfall.

9. What does MacDonald point out as no bigger than the portal which brought the bus to Heaven?
(a) A roach.
(b) A crack.
(c) A bee.
(d) A flea.

10. What was clearer here for the narrator than on Earth, according to MacDonald?
(a) The lens.
(b) The death.
(c) The love.
(d) The life.

11. What happens to the Tragedian?
(a) He disappears.
(b) He lights on fire.
(c) He explodes.
(d) He melts.

12. What does the Tragedian Ghost wear?
(a) A black hat.
(b) Spectacles.
(c) A mask.
(d) White gloves.

13. What does the Dwarf ask of Sarah?
(a) If she loved him.
(b) If she hated him.
(c) If she left him.
(d) If she missed him.

14. What does the Solid Man tell Pam you can't fully love until you love God?
(a) Another creature.
(b) Yourself.
(c) Hell.
(d) Heaven.

15. What is notable about the Dwarf after the Lady kisses him?
(a) A hard face.
(b) Smooth skin.
(c) Black hair.
(d) Freckles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does MacDonald say that Heaven is?

2. What does the Solid Man say that Pam is only using as a means to get to her son?

3. What are the small creatures on the table representative of in Chapter 14?

4. What is on the table in Chapter 14?

5. What did Frank torment Sarah with in their earthly life?

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