The Great Divorce Character Descriptions

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This character leads the reader through the story and watches the ghosts around him having conversations with the Bright People.

George MacDonald

This character has a Scottish brogue, looks like a shepherd, and is the second most important character in the book.


This character represents greed, and tries, with great consequence, to take a golden apple back to the bus with him.

The Conscientious Objector

This character feels that the world is against him and feels an obligation to protest incorrect policies and philosophies.

The Big Man

On Earth, this character was an employer, husband, and father who found great pleasure in his authority and treated his employees, wife, and children poorly.

The Tall Ghost

This character represents cynicism. On Earth he believed that everyone had ulterior motives, that nobody was genuine.

The Well-dressed Ghost

This character hides behind shrubs and trees because she doesn't want...

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